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Fri, Jan 20, 2012

University of Florida Tech-enabled Wall of Civility

The Bob Graham Center for Public Service at the University of Florida has launched a new tech installation called the Civil Debate Wall that provides students with the opportunity to weigh in on different debatable topics and join in a discussion that is framed in a civil way. After registering their opinions on the current debate topic or in response to another prior student post, students have their picture taken by a wall mounted camera and their comments appear on one of 5 touchscreen monitors and on the project webpage found at . Comments can also be entered via the webpage but the photo option is not yet available via the web interface. The project was funded by a grant from the Knight Foundation. More details on the project are available in this story from Inside Higher Education.


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Sat, Nov 12, 2011

Crisis Mapping Overview Video from PBS

If you are interested in the growing use of online mapping tools like Ushahidi to respond to crisis and conflict, this 10-minute PBS video provides a good starting point. If you actually want to create a crowdsourced map, Crowdmap (a service from Ushahidi) is a free tool you’ll want to check out.

Watch Crisis Mapping on PBS.


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Sun, Oct 30, 2011

U.K. Higher Education Sector Consultation on Early Resolution and Effective Complaint Handling

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator in the U.K. was established by the Higher Education Act of 2004 which mandated the appointment of an independent body to run a student complaints handling system in England and Wales. They are now conducting a consultation to gather “views from across the Higher Education sector and beyond on key and sensitive issues related to effective strategies to promote the goals of early resolution of complaints and appeals and better all-round case handling in universities.” This project is known as the Pathway 3 Consultation based on recommendations in an earlier Higher Education White Paper, Students at the Heart of the System (2011). The consultation document can be viewed here (pdf). The issues include:

Feedback on the issues must be submitted by December 16, 2011 in order to receive consideration. Submissions to the consultation can be made by clicking the consultation link on the front page of the OIA website or by writing to the OIA at Third Floor, Kings Reach, 38-50 Kings Road, Reading, RG1 3AA.



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Sat, Sep 24, 2011

Young Mediators Initiative launched

A new network is being launched at to help newer mediators find their way into the field. “It is intended as a platform where young mediators can contact each other, share knowledge, get in touch with organizations and network with competent mediators to gain experience through shadowing, assistantships, internships, co-mediations and participate in mentoring programs.” An international team is coordinating the site which officially launched on September 21, the international day of peace.

One of the primary features is a directory of young mediators and older experienced mentors that is being built up now. You can see the criteria information collected from applicants here.  Keep an eye on the site as it remains a work in progress.


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Fri, Sep 09, 2011

2011-2012 CRE Activity Calendar now available

I am very pleased to announce that the 3rd Edition of the Conflict Resolution Education Activity Calendar is now available. Thanks and congratulations goes out to our talented volunteer editorial team from and the Conflict Resolution Program at the University of Delaware. You can view the 2011-2012 calendar online or grab a smartboard-friendly pdf copy with active weblinks.

Hard copies can be ordered from the Association for Conflict Resolution. Individuals and schools and youth serving organizations qualify to receive free calendars (1 per individual or 5-pack for educational orgs) and everyone is invited to sponsor the distribution of calendars by donating $15 for a 5-pack to be sent to yourself or a deserving organization. Help “Spread the CREd” today!
calendar cover image


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Fri, Nov 26, 2010 Case Manager platform has developed an online mediation/arbitration case management tool that is now available for use. The service will cost $29/month or $299/year. You can try out the tool at no cost through the end of 2010. A tour of features provides a good walkthrough if you are thinking about giving it a try. The National Association For Community Mediation, a group that in the past has endorsed the use of several different case management tools, has come out in support of the product.



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Tue, Aug 10, 2010

Colin Rule to Speak at WSU in late October

I’m pleased to announce that Wayne State will be hosting a talk by Colin Rule, Director of Online Dispute Resolution for Ebay and Paypal, as this year’s guest speaker in our Stanley “Hank” Marx Annual Lecture Series in Dispute Resolution. The details follow. If we get a streaming video link set up I’ll post information on that as well.

eBay and PayPal generate more than 60 million disputes a year, in more than a dozen languages. Thatx92s a lot of disputes. But itx92s only the tip of the iceberg in the total number of online issues that need resolution. Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer eCommerce is growing rapidly, which in turn is generating many millions of online disputes. Most of these disputes are not over very large amounts of money; they can be for as little as $5. But online disputants are just as passionate about their disagreements as face-to-face disputants, and because they are spread all over the world, their disputes can involve cultural misunderstandings, language barriers, and class differences. Come hear Colin Rule, eBay and PayPalx92s first Director of Online Dispute Resolution, and author of Online Dispute Resolution for Business, discuss the challenges of resolving disputes in cyberspace and what useful lessons can be drawn for the practice of dispute resolution more broadly.


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Wed, Jul 28, 2010

Seven Years and Counting

July 24th marks seven years of blogging here at the Campus-adr Tech Blog. In web years, that’s a long time!



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Detroit Can Do Camp - July 29 (featuring Tim O’Reilly)

image Almost missed this one - as a lead-up to the DIY funfest Maker Faire Detroit happening at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn July 31-Aug 1, a special (and free) Can Do Camp will be happening July 29 at Detroit’s Eastern Market near where a new hackerspace (OmniCorpDetroit—OCD) will be opening soon.

Meet O’Reilly Books founder and tech futurist Tim O’Reilly at the event and even get some free beer!


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Wed, Jan 28, 2009

Extending Mediation article re-posted as a “ThoughtMesh”

I took the time today to enter (and slightly update) an older piece I’ve written on Extending Campus Conflict Resolution Efforts Beyond the Mediation Table into the ThoughtMesh system. It seemed like a good piece to use to test the tagging and segmenting abilities of this interesting publishing platform. The tool is part of the Vectors Journal project that brings together writers and new media designers who create something new for display in the journal.

ThoughtMesh was “created as a collaboration between Jon Ippolito and Craig Dietrich, aiming to facilitate the intelligent parsing and tagging of the content of academic articles hosted either externally on the net at large or internally on the Thoughtmesh server. The system then generates connections via tag clouds of the contents of all articles tagged using Thoughtmesh protocols.” A quicktime movie demonstrating the tool in use is available to help people get started.

Article on ThoughtMesh
The ThoughtMesh system permits you to export your document and host it on your own webspace, so I’ve also posted a local copy, in a different style.


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Mon, Oct 27, 2008

Google Moderator - Create and Sort Questions from a Large Group

Last month Google released another application (still in beta) that may have utility for conflict mediators, facilitators and anyone running large group meeting in a wifi enabled space or lab. The tool, called Moderator, provides a method for gathering questions from a group and then using a voting method to push favorite questions or topics (ie those that interest the most people) to the top of the list. It does require participants to have a Google login, so it may not be as useful as it might be for groups that aren?t heavy Google tools users. There is an option to permit anonymous voting, but you still need to login to Google to create questions or vote on your favorites.


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Mon, Aug 18, 2008

The World of Web Trolls explored

The New York Times magazine has produced an in-depth article exploring the world of “web trolls” who get their pleasure out of making other people uncomfortable online. Practitioners of conflict resolution might be interested.

See the story The Trolls Among Us by Mattathias Schwartz.


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Fri, Aug 01, 2008

Reverbiage - Visual NPR News Aggregator is a news feed aggregator featuring NPR News Headlines. They provide a number of dynamic ways to follow the news, including an embeddable widget and a screensaver. The widget provides a direct link to the audio from the news broadcast. Interesting…



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Wed, Apr 16, 2008

Hip Hop and Peacebuilding Festival in D.C.

It was great to discover the Hip Hop and Peacebuilding event that will be happening this week in Washington D.C.  Stacy Willyard, a graduate student a George Mason?s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution spearheaded the organization of the first annual Hip Hop & Peacebuilding Frestival. The six day festival brings together an international coalition of artists and peacemakers and looks to define the role hip hop can play in empowering youth to obtain a future of peace. Looks like a great and diverse program. Wish I could be there…



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Mon, Feb 18, 2008

PEACE THE WORLD (together) - Stanford Peace Innovation Prize video contest

The Peace Technologies lab at Stanford University is launching their first peace ?experiment.?  By encouraging a number of diverse, rapid, measurable, peace interventions that call for the use of information technology to promote peace, they hope to learn about the effectiveness of different technologies - and approaches - in creating a more peaceful world.
PEACE THE WORLD (together)
The Challenge: Share a peace-related video with people in as many countries as possible. The video that garners the most comments from around the world will win the Stanford Peace Innovation Prize and $250. Get all the details here.

A sample short video has been posted to YouTube wherein toys stage a border war to defend what they believe to be their territory - but ultimately reconcile the conflict after the borders disappear.

Stanford Peace Prize


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