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Sat, Nov 03, 2012

Cyberweek Blogtalk Radio Show with Colin Rule, Bill Warters and Pattie Porter

Cyberweek 2012 was quite engaging this year, with lots of conversations and platform demonstrations exploring Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) theory and practice. As part of the festivities, on October 30th, Colin Rule and I joined Pattie Porter on the Texas Conflict Coach live call-in radio show. The archive of that fun conversation on Technology For Better, Not For Worse: Online Dispute Resolution In Everyday Life is now available for online listening or download.


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Sun, Dec 18, 2011

Slate’s Negotiation Academy Podcast

Slate has just released the full 10-episode Negotiation Academy audio podcast developed by business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson based on their coursework at Columbia Business School. It is available via iTunes as well as via an online player. A wide variety of topics are covered and often they invite comments from guest negotiation specialists. The episode list is provided below.

Ep. 1: Who Sets the Price? - Released Oct 17, 2011
In Episode 1, they discuss who should set the opening price, with a little help from Duke behavioral economics professor Dan Ariely.

Ep. 2: Schmoozing and Other Starting Tricks - Released Oct 24, 2011
In Episode 2, they discuss crucial things to do BEFORE you start batting numbers around. Their guest this week is Columbia Business School negotiation professor Aaron Wallen.

Ep. 3: The Art (and Trickery) of Persuasion - Released Oct 31, 2011
In Episode 3, they discuss several key persuasive techniques you can use in the heat of any negotiation. Their guest this week is H. Rodgin Cohen, a legendary corporate negotiator.

Ep. 4: The Ticking Clock - Released Nov 06, 2011
In Episode 4, they discuss how the physical setup of a negotiation, including the room, the refreshments, and a timed deadline, can help you get what you want. Their guest this week is veteran diplomat Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Ep. 5: Dealing with Jerks - Released Nov 13, 2011
In Episode 5, they discuss how to haggle with jerks, liars, and stubborn mules. Their guest this week is Columbia Business School’s Donna Hitscherich.

Ep. 6: Closing the Deal - Released Nov 20, 2011
In Episode 6, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson give you tips on how to close a negotiation and get the best overall deal. Their guest this week is Lt. Jack Cambria, who heads the NYPD’s hostage negotiation team.

Ep. 7: The Gender Divide - Released Nov 24, 2011
In Episode 7, Barshay and Stevenson examine the particular challenges and advantages women have when they go into a negotiation. They also consider what men should keep in mind when facing a female negotiator.

Ep. 8: Haggling Over Real Estate - Released Dec 04, 2011
In Episode 8, Barshay and Stevenson reveal the tactics you should know when buying and/or selling real estate. It turns out these transactions can be some of the trickiest, and most emotional, you’ll ever face. Their guests are real estate agents Melissa Chen and Sam DeFran.

Ep. 9: Negotiating with Kids - Released Dec 11, 2011
In Episode 9, Barshay and Stevenson discuss when and how you should negotiate with children. Like it or not, they know the basic rules of haggling almost from birth. We hear from child psychologist Mark Sossin and Lt. Jack Cambria, of the NYPD hostage negotiation team.

Ep. 10: Your Salary, and How to Raise It - Released Dec 18, 2011
In the final episode of the series, Barshay and Stevenson discuss one of the most important negotiations many of us encounter: bargaining for our own salaries. Guests this week include Columbia Business School professor Aaron Wallen, human resources expert Greta Green-Gentile, and employment negotiator Jotham Stein.


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Mon, Mar 22, 2010

Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education podcast episode logo The higher education institutional partners working with the CRETE (Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education) project met March 4-5, 2010 at St. Edwards University in Austin. As many of you know, I’m the webmaster for the project (see for more information). I took the opportunity to interview some of the participants and put together a podcast episode that provides a window into some of the many ways that the CRETE program is being implemented.

You can listen to the Conflict Learning Audio podcast episode online here, or by subscribing or searching via iTunes. If you are in iTunes, search for x93Conflict Learning Audiox94 and look in the podcasts section to find this episode and more.


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Sun, Oct 07, 2007

Podcast: Conflict Studies Alumni Discuss 20 Years of Conflict Theory, Research and Action

PARC logo In this podcast, Campus-adr Tech Blog host Bill Warters interviews his colleagues affiliated with the Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts at Syracuse University?s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. The group assembled in Syracuse September 27-28, 2007 for a conference and celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the PARC Program. Interviewees discuss their early focus at PARC, what they have done since, and they offer advice for new graduate students entering the field of conflict studies. People interviewed (in order of appearance) include:
Neil Funk-Unrau
John Lawyer
Patrick Coy
Nora Femenia
Tim Hedeen
John Crist
Brian Polkinghorn
Diane Swords
Heather Pincock
Marie Pace


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Tue, Aug 07, 2007

Podcast from CNCR Summer Institute on CR in Higher Ed

After a long hiatus I’ve managed to create and post a new podcast over at Conflict Learning Audio. This episode checks in with a variety of people working on conflict resolution in higher education. I interviewed participants attending this year’s Summer Institute on Conflict Management hosted by the Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Georgia State University. Here’s the direct link to the Podcast on the CNCR Summer Institute. Of special interest is an interview with Peter Shedd wherein he describes the use of a facilitated discussion model for addressing academic dishonesty cases.


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Fri, Dec 08, 2006

Games for Change 2006 Conference Podcasts

The June 2006 conference hosted by Games for Change brought together some of the most creative educators on the planet. You can now hear 17 podcast sessions from the conference. You can view just the titles and links to the mp3 files here or see the fuller descriptions for each session via this link. The keynote speaker was Stephen Johnson who last year published the best-selling “Everything Bad is Good for You,” providing a powerful articulation of how games are teaching critical thinking skills for life in the 21st century. Of particular interest to our readers may be the session on Field Building with University Students that explores some of the progressive game development strategies students already employ and the session on Peace Games and International Efforts.

games for change


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Fri, May 26, 2006

Careers in International Arbitration Podcast (and others) from Washington College of Law

Law students are engaging more and more with alternative forms of dispute resolution as part of their training. Students (law or otherwise) breaking into the ADR field might be interested in this podcast on Careers in International Arbitration available at no cost from Washington College of Law. With the arrival of the 2005 class, American University Washington College of Law launched into Podcasting. By May of 2006, the 200+ episodes available were downloaded almost 65,000 times. Because WCL generates so much content, users can now create a custom podcast using keywords. By entering in a few search terms, a custom podcast link is created and can be copied to the user?s podcast software. Once done, only current and future content related to those search terms will be delivered. Here’s a link to Podcasts on Dispute Resolution Topics. If you wanted to subscribe to this topic area, you can grab the rss feed link visible in the upper right of the webpage show the results of this search.


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Wed, May 24, 2006

Online Roleplays Podcast featuring DRALE and The Campaign

Dispute Resolution and Legal Ethics flowchart As instructional technologist Matthew Riddle explains in his introduction to this podcast entitled Online Roleplays in Tertiary Education, “Role-play has long been used as an educational tool to provide learners with a way to understand the real world.  Since the advent of the World Wide Web, online role-plays have become widely used in Australian tertiary institutions to provide students with authentic learning opportunities.  This presentation profiles two examples of online role-plays developed at the University of Melbourne: DRALE Online, in which final year law students form legal teams in a dispute resolution process, and The Campaign, a role-play about journalists and political advisors following a political campaign.”

The podcast was produced using a relatively new enhanced podcasting tool designed for Mac users known as Profcast that automates the production of chaptered and illustrated podcasts using Keynote or Powerpoint.  I’d recommend viewing this podcast within iTunes for the best experience, as the online version took a long time to load and stalled once or twice. Also, when in iTunes, you can click on the current slide to see a larger version.


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Fri, Mar 24, 2006

Podcasts from Association of American Law Schools 2006 Annual Meeting

The Association of American Law Schools 2006 annual meeting had the theme “Empircal Scholarship: What Should We Study and How Should We Study It?”. Many of the sessions were recorded and are now available as podcasts thanks to the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI). Two sessions that I thought readers of this blog would appreciate are noted below. Specific instructions on using the podcasts are here.

Section on Alternative Dispute Resolution, Co-Sponsored by Section on Family and Juvenile Law
Integrating ADR into Law School Curricula: The Example of Family Law
Integrating ADR in the Law School Curricula (mp3)

Moderator: Michael L. Moffitt, University of Oregon School of Law
Speakers: Kelly Browe Olson, University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law
Jennifer Lorraine Rosato, Brooklyn Law School
Andrew Schepard, Hofstra University School of Law
Andrea Kupfer Schneider, Marquette University Law School

For at least the past two decades, some academics interested in dispute resolution have sought ways to integrate ADR into traditional law school curricula. Dispute resolution course offerings have increased dramatically. Efforts at creating true integration into other ?doctrinal? courses, however, have met with only varying degrees of success. Now, scholars in one increasingly important doctrinal area of the law - family law - have undertaken their own curricular re-examination. And the implications and opportunities for those who teach ADR are significant.

The Family Law Education Reform project (FLER) began with the proposition that what students learn in traditional family law classes is unacceptably removed from what successful, responsible family lawyers actually do in practice. The FLER project aims to provide family law teachers with the ideas, tools, and materials they need to bring family law teaching in line with family law practice, and to help students become effective and reflective family law practitioners, leaders, and policy makers. To the surprise of no one, dispute resolution skills feature prominently in the list of skills necessary for family law practitioners, according to the FLER project participants. (One FLER participant even suggested that no student should receive credit for family law without also taking a course in ADR). The multi-year FLER project will be issuing its final report around the time of the AALS Annual Meeting, making this an important moment for reflection.

Section on Teaching Methods
The How Tos and Whys: Exploring the Consequences of Our Pedagogical Choices
Exploring the Consequences of Our Pedagogical Choices (mp3)

Moderator: Paula Ann Franzese, Seton Hall University School of Law
Speakers: Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, Suffolk University Law School
Robin A. Boyle, St. John?s University School of Law
Julia Patterson Forrester, Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law
Richard C. Reuben, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law
Nancy J. Soonpaa, Texas Tech University School of Law

This program will explore many of the ?how-tos? of effective teaching, including how to reach the whole class, how (and when) to cross the bridge from the theoretical to the more practical, how to use a variety of teaching techniques to accommodate diverse learning styles, how to ?norm? appropriate standards of professionalism and how to determine (and when to adjust) the scope of coverage. Participants will demonstrate and deconstruct some of their pedagogical choices, and offer perspectives on lessons learned.


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Wed, Oct 26, 2005

Interview with John Helie, ODR Pioneer and Winner of Mary Parker Follet Award

In this inaugural Pioneers of ODR Podcast, Colin Rule, head of ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) at eBay interviews John Helie, ODR pioneer and most recent recipient of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Mary Parker Follet Award for his work with technological innovation in the field. The interview, conducted over Skype, was presented as part of the annual ODR Cyberweek.


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Waging Peace: Practical Approaches to a Violent World

image Stanford University’s Aurora Forum hosted a summer symposium entitled Waging Peace: Practical Approaches to a Violent World. Audio clips of the speakers are available via the website and also free from the iTunes Music store (which will open with this next link if you have iTunes installed) in the Stanford University podcasts section. Presenters and topics included:

James Gilligan - “Preconditions for a Peaceful World”  via real audio
Michael Nagler - “Saving the World, One Thought at a Time” via real audio
Frances Moore Lappe - “Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear” via real audio
Arun Gandhi - “My Education in the Path of Nonviolence” via real audio


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Fri, Aug 05, 2005

New Conflict Learning Audio podcast site goes live

I spent some time this week putting a new site together to handle the audio files I am producing as podcasts. Have a look at the new Conflict Learning Audio site sometime. As a result of this move, I’ve changed the podcast feed found on the sidebar of this blog, so you’ll want to update if you’ve subscribed to that one.


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Mon, Apr 25, 2005

Podcast 03 - Interview with Paul Wahrhaftig

In our third podcast, we interview Paul Wahrhaftig, editor and publisher of the quarterly Conflict Resolution Notes, which he published continuously for over 20 years. Paul also managed the Conflict Resolution Center International information clearinghouse, one of the early sources of information for community mediation centers in the United States and abroad. Our interview touches on some of the ground Paul covers in his new book entitled “Community Dispute Resolution: Empowerment and Social Justice” You can listen online using our flash player or you can grab the podcast feed to use in your podcast “catching” client.


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Sun, Apr 03, 2005

Podcast Number 2 - Interview with Guy Burgess

In our second podcast, Guy Burgess (co-director of and I use Skype (the free internet “phone” tool) to discuss the progress being made in sharing conflict resolution information via the internet. The RSS 2.0 feed (for use with a podcast “catcher” client) is located HERE . The direct link to our online mp3 audio player is here if you just want to listen online. The file is 8 MB in size, so loading the online version may require considerable patience on a dial-up connection.


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Tue, Mar 29, 2005

Test of First Conflict Resolution Podcasts feed

The RSS 2.0 feed (for use with a podcast “catcher” client) of my first test podcast is located HERE (Warning - contains music as well as talk!). The direct link to our mp3 audio player is here if you just want to listen online. It sets the stage for my participation in this year’s ADR Cyberweek events occurring April 4-8. I’m leading a forum exploring the possible increased use of RSS for information sharing among members of the Conflict Resolution field.


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