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Thu, May 02, 2013

Careers in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Webinar archive

In April of 2013 the University of Massachusetts Lowell and the U.S. Institute for Peace hosted a webinar with Professor George Lopez, Chair in Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. The session focused on Careers in the Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Field. The webinar is archived and available for viewing online. Professor Lopez has been active in the field of peace studies for a very long time, serving for instance as Chair of the Peace and Global Studies Program at Earlham College in the late 1970s,  so this was a great opportunity. He also happens to be an alumni, like myself, of the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, from whence great things often come.


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Thu, Jan 10, 2013

Turning the Tide Curriculum on Nonviolence

The Turning the Tide Curriculum: A Core Collection Of Material On Nonviolence was developed by a group of British Quakers based on years of experience teaching about nonviolence. Turning the Tide (TTT) is a program of the Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW). QPSW works with and on behalf of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain to translate Quaker faith into action. They work with Quakers and nonviolent activist groups to advance the understanding of active nonviolence and its use for positive social change.

The curriculum material is divided into sections.

- Theology, Philosophy and Core Principles of Nonviolence
- History of Nonviolent Campaigns and Movements
- Contemporary Nonviolent Campaigns
- Theory and Strategy: How, why and when nonviolence works
- Doing it! Developing and applying our technology of peace

You can get the entire curriculum in one file, or just grab the section you are interested in from the curriculum resources page. If you are looking for training activity handouts, go to the Training Manual Page and use the menus on the left-hand side of the page to find lots of activities.


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Wed, Dec 05, 2012

When the Water Ends - Africa’s Climate Conflicts

When The Water Ends: Africaâ??s Climate Conflicts is a 16-minute video that documents conflicts driven by climate change in Eastern Africa. The video focuses on four groups of pastoralists â?? the Turkana of Kenya and the Dassanech, Nyangatom, and Mursi of Ethiopia â?? who are among the more than two dozen tribes whose lives and culture depend on the waters of the Omo River and the body of water into which it flows, Lake Turkana. To report this video, Evan Abramson, a 32-year-old photographer and videographer, spent two months in the region, living among the herding communities. He returned with a tale that many climate scientists say will be increasingly common in the 21st century and beyond â?? how worsening drought in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere will pit group against group, nation against nation. As one UN official told Abramson, the clashes between Kenyan and Ethiopian pastoralists represent â??some of the worldâ??s first climate-change conflicts.â?


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Wed, Nov 14, 2012

Participation Compass

The field of public engagement practice has developed into a rich domain of knowledge and techniques that draw on the “wisdom of crowds” and seek to make shared decisions in effective and just ways. The new website entitled Participation Compass (based in the U.K.) provides a good window into the available processes and resource guides currently available. It extends earlier work done at a site called which was created with funding from the UK Department for Justice, the UK Department for Communities & Local Government and the UK Sustainable Development Commission.

The key feature of the site is a search tool that helps you narrow down your tool choices based on the goals you have for your public engagement initiative. Here’s the categories of interest:

Build skills and capacity of participants
Gather individual pre-existing opinions
Gather informed and considered opinions (deliberation)
Generate new ideas (innovation)
Create a shared vision amongst participants
Co-producing services
Reach consensus and overcome conflict
Make a direct decision


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Thu, Nov 08, 2012

From Conflict to Cooperation - Cartoon Booklets on Resolving Conflicts from Co-operatives UK

From Conflict to Cooperation is a lovely series of five cartoon-style booklets from Cooperatives UK which aim to help groups not only deal with conflict when it arises but also to avoid unnecessary conflict. The nicely illustrated guides are about 20 pages each. They can be read online using a full-screen viewer or downloaded as pdfs. The author Kate Whittle has been working with co-operatives both in the UK and overseas for over 20 years. She has worked as a researcher, trainer, mentor and development worker for a wide range of co-operatives and social enterprises. Angela Martin, the illustrator is a well known cartoonist with vast experience of illustrating community guides and handbooks. The topics and links to the individual guides are provided below.

Booklet 1: Conflict - where it comes from and how to deal with it
Booklet 2: Communication Skills
Booklet 3: Meetings and Decision Making
Booklet 4: Organisational Growth and Development
Booklet 5: Role and responsibilities of the committee


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Thu, Oct 11, 2012

eMediation Student Competition set for Cyberweek 2012

An eMediation competition will be held during Cyberweek 2012, coordinated by Cornell University’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution, in conjunction with Modria Mediation Room. This opportunity will allow students to practice using the online dispute resolution platform Modria as they participate in simulated mediations. Students will need to register for this event (separately from Cyberweek) at this web address

Here’s a pdf flyer with more details: eMediation Competition Flyer


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Mon, Oct 08, 2012

Timeline of Online Dispute Resolution key events

Here’s an interactive timeline I made that chronicles the history of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) as a field of practice. A video of the same data was presented at Cyberweek 2010, so it may look familiar to some folks.


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Wed, Sep 26, 2012

Free Spanish Language Peer Mediation Manual and Training Video

The New York City-based Washington Heights-Inwood Coalition received a JAMS Foundation grant to develop a Spanish language school peer mediation manual and video of a simulated peer mediation session in Spanish, to be use nationally for those programs who may find it useful. These materials are now available for free from their website. The manual, entitled Manual de Mediación Escolar - Entrenamiento Integrado Para Estudiantes De Escuelas Secundarias is 152-pages long, and the video runs a little over 20 minutes.


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Fri, Sep 21, 2012

Parents of the Field - Conflict Studies Video Interview Series

Between 2002 and 2007 Dr. Jannie Botes and Dr. Christopher Mitchell organized video-taped interviews with key people in the peace and conflict studies field. With support from a small Hewlett grant they managed to conduct more than 40 interviews, many of which are now viewable online, with transcripts.

Interviewees include Chadwick Alger, Elise Boulding, John Burton, Morton Deutsch, Roger Fisher, Johan Galtung, Herbert Kelman, Betty Reardon, Gene Sharp, J. David Singer, Paul Wahrhaftig and others. More information on the project and links to view the videos is found on the Parents of the Field homepage at George Mason University’s S-CAR.


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Thu, Sep 20, 2012

Conflict Resolution in Academic Departments - Webinar archive

This webinar, sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) in 2011, features Sandra Cheldelin from George Mason University. Dr. Cheldelin is co-author with Ann Lucas of The Jossey-Bass Academic Administrator’s Guide to Conflict Resolution. Here’s a link to the webinar on It should also appear below in modern browsers.


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Sun, Sep 16, 2012

Slides and Resources from ACR 2012 Cyberbullying Workshop

Priscilla Prutzman from Creative Response to Conflict and I presented our workshop on Cyberbullying and Homophobia at the Association for Conflict Resolution annual conference in New Orleans on September 13, 2012. Our slides from the session can be downloaded here (a 6 mb pdf). The resource site I built for it is available over at at


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Sat, Aug 04, 2012

Higher Ed ADR Sessions at ACR 2012 in New Orleans

The annual conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution will be held September 12-15 this year in New Orleans. The conference program includes a nice selection of sessions related to conflict resolution work and pedagogy within higher education. Some specific sessions examples are provided below.

Two programs of note for student conduct and conflict management professionals will be offered by colleagues Nancy Geist Giacomini (private mediator, educator); Tim Hicks (director, Master's Degree Program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution, University of Oregon), Bill Warters (faculty, M.A. in Dispute Resolution Program, Wayne State University), Jay Wilgus (director, Office of Student Conflict Resolution, University of Michigan); and Kaaren Williamsen (founding director, Gender and Sexuality Center, Carleton College).

But Wonâ??t I Get Sued? Campus Student Conduct Practices That Integrate Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution to Manage Student Sexual Violence and Harassment
This session will explore the challenges and opportunities of responding to student sexual violence and harassment on campus, in the wake of 2011 guidance from the Office for Civil Rights regarding Title IX and sexual misconduct. Presenters will provide counter narratives to a dominant risk management perspective and invite inclusive dialogue regarding the integration of restorative justice and conflict resolution practices in multi-option approaches to the most serious incidents of student misconduct.
September 12, 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. pre-conference.

Higher Educationâ??s Growing Divide: Connecting Values, Principles and Practices in the Evolution of â??Student Judicial Affairsâ? to â??Student Conduct and Conflict Managementâ?
Join H.E. thought leaders to take stock of the status of student conduct practice and consider the significance of supporting campus communities in a shift towards student conduct practices that integrate conflict resolution, restorative and social justice. - September 14, 9:00 a.m. concurrent session.

Giacomini, Warters and Wilgus will be on hand in the Exhibitorâ??s Area Thursday September 13th at 1:30 to sign copies of their collaborative publication Reframing Campus Conflict: Student Conduct Practice through a Social Justice Lens (Stylus 2009).

For a broad field view, consider the Thursday, Sept 13 session entitled Conflict Resolution Higher Education: The State of the Field presented by Tamra Pearson d'Estree, Denver, Colorado, Brian Polkinghorn, Salisbury, Maryland and Mary Hope Schwoebel, Washington, DC. Session Description: The number of colleges and universities offering conflict resolution-related degrees and certificate programs has grown rapidly. This workshop explores the state of the field of higher education in conflict resolution. The speakers will review the history of the fieldâ??s development, the curricular content of undergraduate degree programs in the United States and Canada, and current programmatic developments and curricular trends in both the English speaking world and in Latin America. Also examined will be trends in establishing Peace and Conflict programs in war-torn countries. Finally, this review will be connected to ACRâ??s initiative to develop model guidelines for higher education programs, and how the challenges of defining and mapping the field have impacted the attempt to develop model guidelines for programs in this field.

On Friday morning, a teaching-focused session entitled Service Learning as a Reflective Practice Model: Cultivating Ethical Connections in Communities Engaged in Conflict will be offered by Gina Cerasani, Fairfax, Virginia and Lori-Ann Stephensen of Oakton, Virginia. Program Description: The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution's Undergraduate Experiential Learning Project (UELP) is developing pedagogy for Service Learning Intensives (currently in Liberia, Colombia, and West Virginia) as a way of engaging students in a practice of conflict resolution while developing a reciprocal relationship with partner organizations in a community. The presentation will draw examples from Service Learning Intensives (SLIs), and will focus on the ways in which facilitators help students develop a reflective practice, as well as the development, benefits and challenges of this model.

Just following the conference on Saturday the 15th there will be a half-day networking and information sharing event for faculty and staff associated with graduate programs in conflict studies, peace studies and conflict management/ADR held at Tulane University Law School.

This is only a subset of conference happenings that may interest higher education pracademics exploring conflict in the academy. If you attend the conference, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself.

Bill Warters


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Mon, Jul 02, 2012

Slides from my ODR2012 presentation on Teaching ODR

I’m just back from a wonderful European trip, including several great days of networking and learning with colleagues at the ODR 2012 forum held in Prague. Slides from my presentation on strategies for teaching ODR are attached below.

Warters_Teaching_ODR_at_ODR2012.pdf (2.6 mb pdf)


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Fri, Jun 08, 2012

Peace Accords Matrix

The Peace Accords Matrix housed at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies is a research tool that provides rich data on the comprehensive peace agreements that have been signed since 1989. Twenty-eight accords are currently available in the matrix, with an additional 9 in the pipeline for release in 2012. The accords have been coded on some 50 different themes enabling researchers to compare cases on topics such as electoral reform, power-sharing, ceasefires, demilitarization, use of peacekeeping forces, etc. The full text of each peace accord is provided, as well as a timeline of important dates and events in the conflict and peace process and information on its implementation. Using an interactive map, you can access information on the duration, levels and effects of violence in conflict hotspots across the globe. The project was inspired and motivated by the late John Darby, former Professor of Comparative Ethnic Studies at the University of Notre Dame. More information on the Peace Accords Matix is available in this 17-page conference paper introducing the project.


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Wed, Jun 06, 2012

Database and Timeline of Global Nonviolent Actions

Swarthmore College, under the leadership of George Lakey, is now hosting the Global Nonviolent Action Database (GNAD) providing details on more than 500 examples of nonviolent actions used to protest, protect or change local practices. The database is a great resource for scholars of nonviolence and even better, it has been made available via a Creative Commons license. Recently as I was learning more about the use of Google Refine (a tool for cleaning up and repurposing large datasets) I decided to try using the GNAD dataset to build a timeline. Thanks to another open access project called Timeline.js I was able to produce an interactive timeline built from GNAD data. The timeline gets its data from a google spreadsheet built to serve as the datasource. To change the timeline,  you could just update the spreadsheet and it would be reflected in the timeline the next time it is viewed. The timeline.js tool lets you embed the resulting timeline in any website, making the final product shareable in other interesting ways. You can try out the results of my project here.


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