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Fri, Oct 24, 2003

Online, Interactive Conflict Management Encyclopedia Entry

Suzanne McCorkle at Boise State University has produced a nice online introduction to the study of conflict management as a project for the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship. Topics in this piece of CIOS’s Electronic Encyclopedia of Communication include:
Why the study of conflict is important
Key elements of conflict
The nature of conflict
Variables in the study of conflict
Skills for conflict managers

The site also provides a self test so you can check your understanding and a list of the sources that were used in compiling the information presented if you should decide to read further.?


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“Chat” with Peace Educator and Writer Colman McCarthy Oct. 24 3:30 ET

On October 24, 2003, 3:30 p.m. ET at
On Education Week’s Talk Back Live site, Peace educator and writer Colman McCarthy will discuss his teaching philosophy and method. A former Washington Post columnist, Colman McCarthy has taught courses on nonviolence to more than 6,000 high school school and college students in the Washington, D.C. area, and has crisscrossed the country giving speeches to urge other educators to do the same. He runs the Center for Teaching Peace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing information about peace education and is the author of the book I’d Rather Teach Peace (Orbis Books).

A prominent and controversial peace educator and author, Mr. McCarthy argues that schools need to teach students as much about history’s peacemakers as they already do about history’s military leaders. Mr. McCarthy’s pacifism carries over to his teaching philosophy: He does not give tests or grades in his classes because he believes they’re “forms of academic violence” that coerce students to learn by fear. Instead, he urges students and teachers to “question the answers” and to reconsider what they think is possible?in the world and in the world of the classroom.


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Tue, Oct 21, 2003

Surviving Course Development Wars - CR Needed for Learning Objects Creators?

Here’s an interesting discussion by Susan Smith Nash about the challenges of subject matter experts and instructional designers working together: Surviving Course Development Wars.


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Sat, Oct 11, 2003

Conference Alerts Service adds Peace and Conflict Resolution Category

The Conference Alerts site provides both information on academic conferences around the world and e-mailed updates about the conferences themselves.?

The front page contains links to a variety of conference categories, including peace and conflict resolution, art history, statistics, physics, e-learning, and public health. Choose a category and you’ll get a listing of events in order of date. The listing page only includes the date of the event, the location, and the title. Click on the title and you’ll get varying amounts of information. The absolute minimum looks to be the date, location, and the Web site, but other listings have more elaborate information including the name and contact information for an organizer, a description of the conference, and a call for papers/proposals.?

You can also subscribe to receive alerts about the conferences in which you’re interested.


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Tue, Sep 09, 2003

Facilitating Difficult Discussions: Processing the September 11 Attacks in Undergraduate Classrooms

This article by Jennifer Taylor of Humbolt State University, available as a downloadable pdf, may be of great interest to faculty preparing to revisit the Sept. 11 attacks on it’s second anniversity. The article appears in a special issue on Terrorism and Its Consquences published in Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (ASAP), an electronic journal sponsored by the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI). The journal is designed as an outlet for timely and innovative psychological and related social science scholarship with implications for social action and policy. The article abstract is provided below.

College and university educators have a unique and appropriate forum in which to address social issues, the classroom environment. On September 11, 2001, this opportunity became very real. With it came the challenge of facilitating classroom discussions that include myriad views and feelings. Instruction on conducting difficult discussions in a productive, versus destructive, manner is not commonly included in graduate training, leaving many educators without the tools of effective facilitation. An overview of some of the literature on conducting difficult discussions is presented and applied to classroom discussions of the September 11 events. Recommendations on the process component of facilitating are provided, as well as a rationale for why faculty may want to accept this educational challenge.


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Thu, Sep 04, 2003

Video of Carrie Menkel-Meadow Lecture on Race, Gender and Culture in ADR

Back in February of 2001 Conflict Resolution scholar and legal theorist Carrie Menkel-Meadow presented a lecture on “Race, Gender & Cultural Issues in ADR” to a Law class at Washington University. A Real Video stream of the lecture is available for viewing online.  It provides an example of one way to start a discussion with students about race, class and gender issues. Menkel-Meadow is a Professor of Law at Georgetown University, and Chair of the Georgetown-CPR Commission on Ethics and Standards in Alternative Dispute Resolution, and formerly was Director of the Center for the Study of Women, at UCLA. She is the author of the book Mediation: Theory, Practice and Policy. Her presentation was part of a series of lectures at Washington University on the theme Access to Justice: The Social Responsibility of Lawyers.


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Wed, Jul 30, 2003

Campus Mediation Session Reopens Student Pubs

The Federation of Students and the University of Waterloo are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached regarding the Federation-run campus bars, the Bombshelter Pub and Federation Hall, which have been closed since January 20, 2003. The agreement was reached at a mediation session at the Waterloo Inn yesterday.  More…


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Fri, Jul 25, 2003

Higher Ed Law Stuff at UnivAtty

Readers might be interested in the feeds coming from the ::UnivAtty:: site. Their tagline: “blawging on legal and privacy issues in higher education”.

Have a look or subscribe to the RSS feed.


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