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Wed, Oct 14, 2015

Theories of the Third Side presentation by Bill Warters - video

At the Association for Conflict Resolution 2015 Conference in Reno I presented a session entitled Theories of the Third Side: Identifying Acceptable Conflict Intervention Roles Based on Social Settings (click through title link to see description and get slides). The session was live-streamed and a version of it has been made available on Youtube.


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Mon, Mar 18, 2013

Resources from the University of Minnesota Student Conflict Resolution Center

The University of Minnesota Student Conflict Resolution Center has been doing a good job developing materials to help their constituents understand and deal with campus conflicts.

A few notable examples include their survey (2007 and then again in 2011) of graduate and professional students (more than 3300 respondents) regarding experiences with academic incivility, a set of DIY handouts promoting constructive problem management, and a series of videos exploring roommate conflicts, grading disputes and charges of academic misconduct.

The 2011 survey of graduate students showed improvement when compared with the 2007 results in terms of the percentage of students experiencing harassment, so progress is being made. Here’s a clip from the most recent survey summary:

Seventeen percent, down from 19% in 2007, reported being harassed by such behavior as hostile communication and threats to academic and employment status. Students reported being harassed most often by faculty who were not their advisers. Twenty percent reported the harassment, those who did not report said they feared retaliation or a negative impact on their career; half said that they didnt believe anyone would help them. Thirty percent of those who did report being harassed felt that they had been retaliated against as a result of reporting the harassment.

Seventy-nine percent, down from 83% in 2007, reported that the harassment somewhat or completely interfered with their ability to work or study. Thirty-six percent, down from 44% in 2007, of those who experienced harassment reported they considered leaving the U as a result. Eighteen percent, down from 29% in 2007, of students who observed another student being harassed considered leaving the U as a result of the harassment.

The University has made a public commitment to improving academic civility on campus for graduate students.


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Wed, Dec 05, 2012

When the Water Ends - Africa’s Climate Conflicts

When The Water Ends: Africaâ??s Climate Conflicts is a 16-minute video that documents conflicts driven by climate change in Eastern Africa. The video focuses on four groups of pastoralists â?? the Turkana of Kenya and the Dassanech, Nyangatom, and Mursi of Ethiopia â?? who are among the more than two dozen tribes whose lives and culture depend on the waters of the Omo River and the body of water into which it flows, Lake Turkana. To report this video, Evan Abramson, a 32-year-old photographer and videographer, spent two months in the region, living among the herding communities. He returned with a tale that many climate scientists say will be increasingly common in the 21st century and beyond â?? how worsening drought in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere will pit group against group, nation against nation. As one UN official told Abramson, the clashes between Kenyan and Ethiopian pastoralists represent â??some of the worldâ??s first climate-change conflicts.â?


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Thu, Nov 22, 2012

Nice new Video from ODR Provider MODRIA

MODRIA, the Online Dispute Resolution service provider founded by my friend and colleague Colin Rule (former director of online dispute resolution for eBay and PayPal) was featured on TechCrunch this week. As part of the story, they have released a nice new promo video, viewable below. I like their use of the term “Fairness Engine” for the web. Sounds like something we really need.


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Sat, Nov 03, 2012

Soliya Connect Program - Group Video Chats Promote Cross-cultural Understanding

I’ve been following the Soliya program for a while now, quite impressed with their creative use of web-enabled video to build connections across cultures. This new video follows a Soliya Connect class through their 10-week semester. As described on the Soliya project website:

Since 2003, the Connect Program has linked students from over 100 universities in 27 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Europe and North America. Through Soliyaâ??s online videoconferencing application, the program allows students to connect to a global community of peers, engage in facilitated, sustained and substantive dialogue, and build respectful relationships across national, cultural, religious and ideological boundaries.



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Wed, Oct 10, 2012

Video - Restorative Justice at Michigan State

Restorative Practices are spreading through higher education in many interesting ways these days. This video explains how Restorative Justice is being applied at Michigan State University. As the video description explains:

“In the fall of 2010, the Restorative Justice committee worked hard to implement RJ throughout Residence Life, Student Life, and introduce it to incoming students on campus as a positive conflict resolution method. Though RJ has been around longer than just a semester, this year marks a new commitment to the power of RJ through circles and conferences. All of MSU’s senior Residence Life staff and a large portion of the undergraduate staff have been trained in either RJ Circles or RJ Conferences. Furthermore, the Department of Student Life has been able to offer RJ as a solution to conflicts when student enter into the adjudication process on campus. We hope to have many opportunities to demonstrate our work and, combined with ongoing assessment, should see the positive changes of restorative justice in conflict resolution.”

More information on the Michigan State Initiative is available here.




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Fri, Sep 21, 2012

Parents of the Field - Conflict Studies Video Interview Series

Between 2002 and 2007 Dr. Jannie Botes and Dr. Christopher Mitchell organized video-taped interviews with key people in the peace and conflict studies field. With support from a small Hewlett grant they managed to conduct more than 40 interviews, many of which are now viewable online, with transcripts.

Interviewees include Chadwick Alger, Elise Boulding, John Burton, Morton Deutsch, Roger Fisher, Johan Galtung, Herbert Kelman, Betty Reardon, Gene Sharp, J. David Singer, Paul Wahrhaftig and others. More information on the project and links to view the videos is found on the Parents of the Field homepage at George Mason University’s S-CAR.


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Wed, Sep 19, 2012

Search TV News via the Internet Archive

A new tool from the Internet Archive lets users search the closed caption text from more than 350,000 news broadcasts and then browse video clips from the found results. Pretty amazing stuff. What’s even more exciting is that new content is added within 24 hours of broadcast, letting users follow the current political season in a new way.

Here’s a link to a sample simple search on cyberbullying. You can narrow the search to specific broadcasters if you like. Comedy Central, Fox News, PBS and MSNBC are just a few of the choices available.

Way to go Internet Archive!


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Mon, Apr 02, 2012

Neighbor Mediation Demo in 3D Animation

CAPE Mediation has produced a short (8:40) video entitled “Mediation: The Process” demonstrating a neighbor mediation built using 3D avatars and computer-generated voices. The case involves troubles with a dog named “Fluffy” who has been blamed for digging up a flower garden. The mediation process demonstrated includes the default use of caucuses with both parties after an initial joint session.


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Fri, Feb 24, 2012

Univ of Ottawa Conflict Resolution blended learning course materials

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and Faculty of Medicine have been innovators in the development of blended learning materials on the topic of conflict resolution for law students and medical personnel (see this CRQ article for more on the back story). The good news is that these materials are now freely available online for review and use by educators. Developed in 2003 and 2005 in collaboration with the Centre for e-Learning at the University of Ottawa, the online resources are designed to complement face-to-face instruction and to more fully engage the learners via blended learning. The instructional modules are nicely sequenced with liberal use of audio and video elements to help connect the participant with the content. Short interactive queries and task assignments get the participant to apply the ideas themselves and to imagine the possibilities in their future work. Two different full courses are available, one focused on training medical professionals and the other for law students interested in mediation and interest-based dispute resolution techniques.

Four short videos posted at the Dispute Resolution and Professionalism site introduce the learning materials and methods. After viewing the introductory videos the site invites legal or medical educators, educational developers or instructors who teach dispute/conflict resolution to try out the full set of materials on their own. Educators are welcome to reuse the materials in their own instructional work with proper attribution. The resources can be used by educational, non-profit organizations as stand-alone online resources or in conjunction with face-to-face teaching.


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Mon, Jan 09, 2012

Conflict Coaching Session Video example

MACRO (the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office of Maryland) has posted a short video (12 minutes) providing a sample conflict coaching session produced for a professional development webinar held this past June. It demonstrates an informal and unscripted approach. You can view the session via this link - Conflict Coaching Demonstration (.wmv format). The related webinar is archived at this location (my mac wouldn’t play the webinar video for some reason, but only the audio).


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Wed, Dec 07, 2011

Mediation Video Center at Suffolk University

A new mediation and negotiation video clip collection is now available thanks to a collaboration between the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and the Suffolk University Center for Representation in Dispute Resolution. The collection primarily illustrates approaches used by mediators in civil disputes involving lawyers, but it also contains some videos of negotiation and community mediation. Also provided are links to other helpful teaching resources related to the use of video in the classroom.

Primary video collections on the site include the following:

ABA ADR Video contest winners

Styles of Mediation (topic and lengths provided below)
  - An age discrimination claim 4:50
  - A personal injury case 5:00
  - An international business dispute 4:50
  - An artistic/copyright controversy 5:00
  - A divorce case 3:40
  - A cross cultural business dispute: Meeting with the plaintiff 5:00
  - A cross cultural business dispute: Meeting with the defense 4:30

Skills and Stages of Mediation and Negotiation (restricted to ADR Instructors who request and receive a password)

Here’s the fancy promotional video that welcomes you to the site.



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Sat, Nov 19, 2011

DiversityDNA - An Animated Video on Cultural Differences

Interfacet Training has produced a series of short videos that illustrate how we are all made up of different cultural aspects (physical, mental, and experiential) that may influence how we interact with others in the workplace.

The overview video is called DiversityDNA - at the end of this video are embedded links to elaborations on various cultural dimensions including:

Direct vs Indirect Communication

Individualism vs Collectivism

Achieved vs Ascribed Status

Low vs High Power Difference

Displays of Emotion

Task vs Relationship

The same content is available in an iPhone App or Android App. Personally, my experience with playback in the iphone App displayed on an iPad was not great, but it was designed for iPhones, not iPads, so that is perhaps understandable.


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Sat, Nov 12, 2011

Crisis Mapping Overview Video from PBS

If you are interested in the growing use of online mapping tools like Ushahidi to respond to crisis and conflict, this 10-minute PBS video provides a good starting point. If you actually want to create a crowdsourced map, Crowdmap (a service from Ushahidi) is a free tool you’ll want to check out.

Watch Crisis Mapping on PBS.


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Sat, Oct 22, 2011

Public Service Announcement for Community Mediation Maryland

Maryland’s community mediation programs now have access to a customizable 30-second PSA promoting the use of their services. You can view it online at Vimeo. Save money and hassle, mediate!


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