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Sat, Jan 05, 2008

NFB Animated ShowPeace Videos available online

ShowPeace logo The National Film Board of Canada continues to release full-length versions of content from their catalog for web playback. The Animation collection, called Play Films offers up seventy NFB animated shorts, including several animation classics like The Cat Came Back. You can search them by title, director and year of production.  Of particular interest to our readers, however, are the videos from the ShowPeace collection. As explained on the ShowPeace collection website:
“Lively, humorous and poignant, the award-winning ShowPeace animated film series is one of the most flexible conflict resolution tools available in the world. Because the animated characters in the films do not speak, there are no language barriers. Because they are “non-human,” they are ageless and genderless. Everyone can enjoy the pithy (and quirky!) commentary on conflict that these films offer. Each film in the series also draws out an important and distinct conflict resolution lesson.”

The videos that are fully available online at the Play Films site include these (topic noted first, then a link to the online version of the video):
Managing Anger ? When the Dust Settles
Bullying ? Bully Dance
Conflict Styles and Negotiation ? Elbow Room
Mediation ? Dinner for Two

Teaching Guides are also available.
Conflict Resolution and the ShowPeace Series: An Overview
ShowPeace Series-Parent’s Guide
Bully Dance
Dinner for Two
Elbow Room
When the Dust Settles


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