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Fri, Jan 04, 2008

The Northern Ireland Peace Process: Educational Simulation Pack

Conciliation Resources, publishers of Accord: an International Review of Peace Initiatives has made available a detailed set educational materials based on the peace process in Northern Ireland. The free online Education Pack includes resources for group discussion and interactive learning, including a role play simulation exercise (requiring at least 13 people) that puts participants into the shoes of the main people involved in the Northern Ireland peace process. These materials can also be used independently to stimulate learning about conflicts and peace processes.

Accord Northern Ireland cover The background and discussion materials cover the following topics:
- Predisposing conditions for negotiations
- Challenging existing assumptions
- Building confidence
- Establishing acceptable negotiation arrangements
- The practice of negotiations - overcoming blocks and obstacles
- Requirements for a balanced agreement
- Testing the agreement in practice
- Managing the process of implementation
- Armed groups and the transition to conventional politics
- Role of individuals in bringing about change
- Role of governments
- The value of an inclusive process
- The relevance of popular consent and the contribution of civil society
- Dealing with the past
- Taking stock for the future

All of Accord’s educational materials are designed to:
- challenge current thinking on the conflict in question
- increase awareness and understanding of the main issues in the peace process
- give insight into attempts to deal with the conflict


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