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Mon, Dec 10, 2007

Voices and Choices: Civil Rights - an online learning module

Teaching Matters, a nonprofit focused on the creative use of technology in K-12 Education, has created a wonderful online learning module on Civil Rights as part of their Voices and Choices series. The module combines audio, photographs and flash animation to “...broaden middle school students? abilities to research, present, and document their studies of American civil rights and outline the challenges that lay ahead for the rights and freedoms of all Americans.”

Coverage includes the Women?s Suffrage Movement (1848-1923), the Asian American Civil Rights Movement (1860-1988), the Children?s Rights Movement (1870-1938) and the African American Civil Rights Movement (1945-1965). The module is divided into sections as noted here:
Step 1: Define Civil Rights
Step 2: Understand Injustice
Step 3: Study Methods of Action
Step 4: Describe a Movement
Step 5: Create a Campaign
Step 6: Make a Difference

A more detailed overview of the 6-week curriculum module is available here.

Voices and Choices homepage


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