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Tue, Oct 02, 2007

Workplace Mediation Clips (8 Episodes) from UK Mediation

UK Mediation logo The folks at UK Mediation have posted some Mediation Video Clips from their training DVD “Train to Mediate” to the web as Flash movies. These illustrate some key points in the workplace mediation process. Here’s a quick overview of the case, which involves a conflict between an older student (male) who has returned to the workplace and a coworker (female) who has worked her way up through the organization.

Episode 1: The Spark
Many workplace disputes come to a head with an angry exchange or ?spark? between the parties. Here, Andy & Letitia meet in the tea room, where they discuss their joint report.

Episode 2: The Manager’s Input
Mediation skills aren?t just used by mediators! Here, the manager, Jackie, tries to resolve the situation using some key skills.

Episode 3: Meeting the mediators
Jackie has realised that she can’t be impartial this time, and so has suggested the parties contact the mediators. They attend in turn for a private session.

Episode 4: The joint mediation session begins
The joint mediation session begins with some rule-setting, and then each of them takes some time to say their piece.

Episode 5: Making an agenda
The mediators get the parties to agree on the key issues.

Episode 6: Negotiating the issues
Once the issues are clear, the mediators encourage a more direct exchange between the two, while carefully managing the conversation.

Episode 7: Making an agreement
The parties’ improved understanding is summarised in writing.

Episode 8: Andy and Letitia return to the department
The interpersonal problems resolved for now, the two colleagues are able to pick up the report again with the manager’s support.

Note: These clips are also available in other formats via BlipTV.


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