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Sat, Jul 28, 2007

The Seven Challenges - Communication Skills for Personal and Professional Development

Dennis Rivers from has “modularized” his friendly communication skills workbook and made it available via the Connexions learning materials repository based out of Rice University.

The self-paced course entitled Communication Skills for Personal and Professional Development: The Seven Challenges Approach covers the following topics:

Overview: The terrain of communication skills.
Challenge One: listening more carefully and more responsively
Challenge Two: Explaining your conversational intent and invite consent
Challenge Three: Expressing yourself more clearly and completely with the “five I-messages”
Challenge Four: Translating criticisms and complaints into requests and explaining envisioned positive outcomes
Challenge Five: Asking questions more ‘open-endedly’ and more creatively
Challenge Six: Thanking - Exploring and expressing more appreciation, gratitude, encouragement and delight
Challenge Seven: Adopting the continuous learning perspective

A one page summary of the challenges is available here as a pdf.

The entire workbook is also available in several different formats directly from the Cooperative Communication Skills Extended Learning Community.

Challenge 2


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