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Wed, Jul 18, 2007

WikiMindMap: A Virtual and Visual Knowledge Feast

Wikipedia has grown into a large and valuable collection of knowledge on many topics and it is available in many languages. Now, with, you can visually browse topics that interest you and find connections you didn’t know existed. WikiMindMap is based on an opensource Flash-based browser developed for FreeMind, another cool mind mapping tool.

To use WikiMindMap, you choose the language of the Wikipedia you want to search, enter a term or phrase, and then wait for your visual overview to appear. Topics with a plus sign next to them can be expanded or collapsed and you can take a topic you are interested in and make it the center of the map by clicking the green refresh button. You can also click and drag the body of the page to reposition the display if it stretches beyond your browser window. By using the tools at the top center of the page, you can increase the size of the words or search for a term within the found set and have it highlighted for you. Best of all, clicking on the text of a displayed term takes you directly to the wikipedia entry for that term, or in some cases to a related web link. I liked the results for a search on Mediation and one on Conflict as a quick way to explore the organization of a topic. What a great tool!

WikiMindMap image of Mediation Search


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2007 07 18 | Filed under Research Tools  

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