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Sat, Jun 23, 2007

Peacebuilding: A Caritas Training Manual

Manual Cover Caritas is an international Confederation of 162 Catholic relief, development and social service agencies working in 200 countries and territories. This handout-filled 264-page manual builds on an earlier Caritas Internationalis Handbook Working for Reconciliation, and extends the material into peacebuilding training and programming. It is a resource that contains both conceptual and practical tools to help fill the peacebuilder’s toolbox. In the manual, peacebuilding in development work is introduced with core concepts, peacebuilding skills, and ideas to connect peacebuilding to programming. The manual is available as a pdf in english, spanish and french language versions. Catholic Relief Services is a member of Caritas North America and serves as the host of the online manual.

As noted in the introduction, Thomas Merton, Cistercian monk and peace guru, wrote in the 1960s: “If this task of building a peaceful world is the most important task of our time, it is also the most difficult. It will, in fact, require far more discipline, more sacrifice, more planning, more thought, more cooperation and more heroism than ever war demanded.” This manual helps prepare our peacemakers for the challenges that lay ahead.

English Version
Spanish Version
French Version


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