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Wed, May 02, 2007

Language and Civil Society - Peace Education Teaching Guide

English Teaching Forum  Language and Civil Society is an online journal targeting teachers of English as a Second Language. This Issue on Peace Education, written by Dr. Carolyn Duffy, focuses on using Peace Education tasks and activities as the content around which teachers can motivate learners to develop their language skills. The content is divided into 10 chapters as noted below. Each chapter contains some background information on the concepts and then detailed examples of a couple activities to teach this concept and usually some additional links to internet resources or related appendices for that content area. Language teachers should really appreciate the attention to the use of terms in context.

Chapter 1: Defining Peace
Chapter 2: Analyzing Conflict
Chapter 3: Conflict Resolution
Chapter 4: Being Good Communicators: Listening Reflectively
Chapter 5: Speaking the Language of Peace
Chapter 6: Developing Cultural Understanding
Chapter 7: Cornerstones of Peace: Valuing Diversity and Practicing Tolerance
Chapter 8: Developing Empathy
Chapter 9: Expressions of Peace
Chapter 10: Promoting Peace through Action


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