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Mon, Apr 16, 2007

World Situation Updates via Reuters AlertNet

Reuters AlertNet is a humanitarian news network website sponsored by the Reuters Foundation that aims to keep relief professionals and the wider public up-to-date on humanitarian crises around the globe. According to their own description, AlertNet attracts upwards of four million users a year and has a network of four hundred contributing humanitarian organizations.

Particularly impressive are their crisis profiles and the Interactive Map covering conflicts, food security concerns, sudden disasters and health across the world. You can configure a map so that it looks the way you want it to and then use the “Export Map” tool to get a copy of the map in a range of sizes.  Also impressive are the news alert systems available to push out content you care about via email, to your desktop, or to your phone.

Finally, if you are interested in online learning modules on humanitarian crisis-related concerns, you can currently work your way through 3 modules for journalists explaining How Aid Works, Covering Food Crises, and Tackling Humanitarian Features.

Interactive Map from Reuters AlertNet


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