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Tue, Mar 06, 2007

Dotmocracy Website and Handbook

Dotmocracy A Canadian project called Coop Tools led by Jason Diceman has been developing and refining the multi-dot voting/consensus process for a number of years, developing a version they now call Dotmocracy. As explained on the Dotmocracy website,

Dotmocracy is an established facilitation method for collecting and prioritizing ideas among a large number of people. It is an equal opportunity & participatory group decision-making process. Participants write down ideas and apply dots next to each idea to show which ones they prefer. The final result is a graph-like visual representation of the groups collective preferences.

A new Dotmocracy website has been launched that specifically supports people wanting to use the Dotmocracy process. Readers can download a free pdf handbook (1.4 mb pdf) and various versions of the worksheets that make the process go smoothly.

Good stuff.


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2007 03 06 | Filed under Learning Objects  

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