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Thu, Feb 08, 2007

Graphic Visualization Techniques - Interactive Periodic Table of Methods

The Visual Literacy group in Switzerland has put together a facinating Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. It provides a description of “all” (lots, anyway) of the tools and methods out there for making ideas visual. Included are everything from cartoons to flow diagrams and strategy maps. The online map allows the user to get a visual image of each method upon rollover with the mouse. A short article explaining the development of the chart and the conventions used in it (and includes a small version of the chart) is also available.  The project is developing an e-learning course that will be used as an online leveling course as well as a blended skill-building course for students of fourteen different university courses in four universities (for more than 500 students) so you may want to check back.



Posted by: Bill Warters on 2007 02 08 | Filed under Learning Objects  

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