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Sat, Jan 06, 2007

ForaTV - interactive educational videos on current affairs

ForaTV logo A very nice new entry into the online video domain is ForaTV, a site designed to enable viewers to more fully engage with video presentations on a broad range of social issues. The site takes streaming and archived video of presenters talking about a contemporary topic and adds lots of features like summary descriptions of the event, background information about the speaker, links to related content (including user-generated links), scrolling transcripts of the talk as it unfolds, a linked discussion forum (registration required), and in some cases, chapter markers that make it possible to skip ahead to specific topics in the session. Many of the sessions are also available for download in formats suitable for video ipods, play station portables, and mp3 players. The interface is nicely designed and reasonably intuitive in use. To learn more about the interface, check out the “how it works” section and click on the various gray tabs for more information.

Here’s an example of a recent program - David Bacon presents Communities Without Borders

Given the quality of the presentations, it really would be interesting to try integrating this into a university course.


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2007 01 06 | Filed under Learning Objects  

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