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Mon, Dec 11, 2006

Movies with a Focus on Conflict Resolution - List from CDR Associates

Moview camera The conflict resolution training group CDR Associates (located in Boulder Colorado) has developed a list of movies that focus on conflict resolution related themes. CR Trainers and college and university faculty might find them useful in the classroom or as outside assignments or just as a jumping off point for discussions.

The list is grouped into the following categories:

Conflict Development , Escalation and Dynamics
Situation Assessment and Conflict Analysis
Problem Solving and Dispute Resolution Processes
Social Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Diverse Contexts
Environmental and Public Disputes
Gender/Class/Intercultural/Racial Differences and Conflict
Movies for Trainers, Coaches, and Educators appropriate for Training-for-Trainers Seminars

You can check it out here.


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2006 12 11 | Filed under Conflict Resolution  

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