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Wed, Nov 29, 2006

UN Peacemaker Website

UN Peacemaker is a newly updated online mediation support tool for international peacemaking professionals. A free registration is required to access the site. The resource is part of the overall effort of the United Nationsâ?? Department of Political Affairs (DPA) to provide advice and support to the UN Secretary-General and his Representatives in their efforts to resolve international disputes and internal conflicts.

The site is primarily geared to serve UN peacemakers and their staff as they prepare for negotiations to achieve peace agreements that will provide a basis for sustainable peace. It is also intended to be useful to UN partners actively engaged in peacemaking efforts around the world, including Member States, regional organisations, civil society and non-governmental organisations.

The site content includes a database of more than 750 Peace Agreements, a library of key guidance documents on mediation and selected literature on key mediation issues (e.g. power-sharing, wealth-sharing, constitutional issues, mediation processes and strategies etc.). It also offers video interviews with mediation experts discussing strategies and tactics on how to manage mediation processes and providing guidance on specific themes. A mobile app containing key guidance documents on mediation is also available from the website.

Lots of good content here for people interested in international conflict prevention and resolution.

United Nations Peacemaker


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