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Thu, Nov 23, 2006

Legal Blogs Search Engine - BlawgSearch is offering a search portal focused solely on legal blogs, or “blawgs” as they are now commonly referred to. A simple keyword search can be conducted across the more than 600 blogs currently indexed by the Justia Blawg Search. The front page of the portal provides tag clouds of both post tags and recent search terms (if you hover over a post tag, it indicates how many posts were tagged with this term), as well as a list of the most popular blogs and a directory of blogs sorted into categories. As yet there is no specific category for alternative dispute resolution or mediation-related blogs. A list at the bottom of the page shows the most recent posts that have been indexed. One nice feature is the ability to search on a keyword and then grab an RSS feed on that term so that you can monitor results in your newsreader. As an example, here’s the link to an RSS feed of the 20 most recent law blog posts on mediation.



Posted by: Bill Warters on 2006 11 23 | Filed under Research Tools  

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