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Fri, Nov 03, 2006

Teaching Multiparty Negotiation - Resources from a Harvard Program on Negotiation Seminar

Instructors may be interested in a full workbook exploring Teaching Multiparty Negotiation (pdf) now available at no cost from the Program on Negotiation. The 171-page workbook summarizes the design, content, and pedagogy of the Multiparty Negotiation Workshop taught at Harvard Law School in 2002 and 2003. Written by the course instructors (Harvard Law School Professor Robert Mnookin and MIT Professor Lawrence Susskind) and their teaching assistants (Boyd Fuller and Lukasz Rozdeiczer), the workbook describes what was taught, how it was taught, the instructors’ reflections on the course, and continuing quandaries regarding the teaching of multiparty negotiation.

A comprehensive set of appendices includes:
- a list of key lesson points and readings for the course’s theoretical framework;
- descriptions of the role simulations used in the course;
- descriptions of the various legal, international, and public policy multiparty negotiation contexts studied in the course;
- copies of the course presentation materials;
- sample student essays;
- sample student group projects; and
- a copy of the final exam.

Also of interest is a related seminar report that provides a summary of a two-day PON-sponsored educators’ conference held in May of 2003 on teaching multiparty negotiation. Topics included (1) What should be taught? (2) How should it be taught?; (3) How should students and instructors be evaluated?; and (4) How can a discussion about multiparty negotiation instruction be sustained? See Teaching Multiparty Negotiation Conference Summary May 30-31, 2003 for more information and the download link.



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