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Fri, Oct 20, 2006

Educational RPG Storyteller game builder

A development worth watching at the open source project host Eduforge is RPG Storyteller, now in beta release. Developer Aaron Griffiths is working to make it easy for people to author role-playing games on either Macs or PCs.  RPG Storyteller is a Macromedia Flash game engine used to deliver a role-playing game based story. Role-playing games, or RPGs as they are better known, are narratives that include the reader as a character and engage that character in a number of choices, each which leads to a different consequence. In this way the reader can create their own unique experience of the story based on the choices they make.

RPG Storyteller authoring
The game/story is authored into XML (Extensible Markup Language) documents that are provided in the game engine package. These documents can be edited in any basic text editor. There are however a number of free-for-use xml editors that make authoring in the documents much easier, with features such as colour coded markup, excellent document navigation tools and well-formed document checking. Using the provided xml structures the author fills in the story details and configures the options in the story. Once saved, the game/story can then be run in RPG Storyteller engine.

RPG Storyteller start

RPG Storyteller sample map


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