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Tue, Oct 03, 2006

Audio Interview with Quaker Peacemaker Adam Curle

In remembrance of beloved quaker peacemaker Adam Curle, who passed away last week in London at age 90, I offer this link to an audio interview with Adam conducted by Scott London in 1998 for the Insight and Outlook program. You’ll need to have RealPlayer installed on your computer to listen to it. Here’s the program notes from the original presentation:

Adam Curle: “Peacemaking in Troubled Times”
As a peace scholar and long-time international mediator, Adam Curle has spent more than half a century trying to understand the roots of violent conflict. He has negotiated settlements and facilitated behind-the-scenes talks in India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and, most recently, the former Yugoslavia. “It’s a very humble role,” he says in this interview. “I don’t know what is right for people of another culture. But I can help by being somewhat objective, seeing things as an outsider does, and sharing this vision.” Adam Curle is Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies at Bradford University in England. His latest book is Another Way: Positive Response to Contemporary Violence. (1998 description for audio interview)

Wooden Sculpture Made in
Honor of Adam’s 90th Birthday


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