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Sun, Sep 24, 2006

CivicEvolution online Community Problem-Solving Tools

Civic Evolution People interested in online tools for addressing community and organizational conflicts in a structured and participatory way should have a look at what’s happening over at the CivicEvolution website. CivicEvolution is an online tool suite developed by Brian Sullivan of Public Dialog Systems to support non-profit and community groups as they work their way through planning and problem-solving challenges. (See short overview in flash here.) The web-based and still-beta version of CivicEvolution requires Firefox on any Operating System or Internet Explorer 5.5+ on Windows. The long-term plan includes full cross-browser compatibility. Currently you can sign up for a free account for a project if you have one, or you can try various online demos and screencasts.  Great stuff!

Featured Process Tools include:

Private discussion group - Create a private discussion group on any topic you like.

Brainstorming - The brainstorming interface makes it easy for the participants to create and recognize proposals and effciently converge on a consensus.

Study an issue - Your group can read an article, add notes to the article and discuss the issues related to the article.

Focus group - Start off with a survey to determine the starting attitudes and opinions of the participants. Give the participants an article to read. Allow the group to engage in a discussion about the issues. Finally, conduct another survey to determine how participants’ attitudes and opinions have changed.

Create a Proposal - Start with an article that describes the issues or needed action. Engage in discussion to develop and share an understanding of the issues. Brainstorm solutions. Collaboratively write a proposal with your group. Finally, poll the participants to see if they agree with the proposal.



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