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Sun, Sep 03, 2006

Harmony Island - Educational CR Game for Grades 6-12

harmony island game case Harmony Island is a new innovative educational game designed to teach conflict resolution concepts to students in secondary school (grades 6-12). It was developed by Academic Edge, Inc. with funding support from the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development. Using cartoon graphics of an island community that is not quite a paradise, the game provides a variety of different interactive approaches to identifying conflicts and developing skills for handling them.

There is a game show called “Know Conflict” that reinforces core ideas about conflict, a drawing program that invites participants to draw out the key aspects of a conflict,  interactive movies that show conflicts in a number of different categories (family, interpersonal, “workplace”, etc.) played out, and arcade-style games teaching the concepts of APE (Active Listening, Problem Solving, Emotional Awareness) and STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Reflect) that are used throughout the broader game to help resolve conflicts. In the museum exhibits area, students map out the history of famous island conflicts of the past. In the “Tribal Council” area, players actually help Islanders resolve conflicts by choosing how discussions should continue and then watching the resulting actions unfold. The online flash-based introduction to the software provides a good overview of the games contents.

image By purchasing Harmony Island players gain access to the “TCOM HUT”. The TCOM Hut contains interactive, online activities that extend the experience of the game. Students are given access to the Harmony Island Blog, updated by Francis and Rizzo from their treehouse on the island. Students watch additional video-based conflicts, partcipate in discussions, vote in polls, and discuss conflict resolutions with both their classmates and other students. Teachers may use the Teachers Area to discuss topics with other teachers, report bugs, trade lesson plans and ideas, as well as moderate student discussions in the Blog.

Initial classroom testing of the game occurred during the 2005/2006 school year, with the final release version due soon. Pricing will be around $90.00 for a single standalone mac/pc compatible version, with additional classroom-level multi-user pricing options. For more information, you’ll need to use the contact form or watch the Harmony Island product website. Looks like a well-designed product that will add a lot to the CR learning landscape.


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