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Sun, Jul 30, 2006

Human Rights Tools website

image The new Human Rights Tools website has been developed by Daniel D’Esposito with help from Marco Kirschbaum (both co-founders of NGO Manager ). The site aims to provide human rights professionals with easy access to the best available online resources, with more than 300 annotated resource links at the time of this post. Students interested in this area of work will appreciate the “Your career” section. People looking for a quick scan of the human rights headlines will want to check out their RSS news aggregator page.

Topical areas within the library include:

1. Investigating Country Conditions
A special page of resources for country analysis: human rights situation, political analysis, economics and more.

2. Monitoring - Documentation - Advocacy
Monitoring and fact-finding; Documentation and data analysis; Advocacy and reporting.

3. Using the Law
Human rights law, International humanitarian law, Refugee law, Courts and jurisprudence.

4. Specific Issues and Population Groups
Detention and justice, Human rights defenders, Missing persons, Monitoring elections, Children, Women, Sexual violence, Economic, social and cultural rights, Business and human rights, National human rights institutions, Sexual orientation.

5. Tech for Human Rights
Websites made easy, Online collaboration, Using email for advocacy, Security.

6 Humanitarian protection
Key manuals, Critique and debate, IDPs, Refugees, Child soldiers.

7 Planning and fundraising
Program planning; Ethics in human rights work; Fundraising tips and tools.

8. Your career
Jobs and vacancies; Training and education; Mailing lists.


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