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Sat, Jul 08, 2006

Conflict Resolution Trainers’ Manual from the Conflict Resolution Network (Australia)

For a long time, the Conflict Resolution Network has provided online materials explaining key concepts in conflict resolution in what they call their Conflict Resolution Kit. Now a full copy of the more detailed, trainer-focused C.R.N. Trainers’ Manual has been made available for download at no cost. There are 18 PDF files in total (some rather large in terms of file size), covering each of the main content areas. Clear guidelines are included to help you construct training slots of different lengths. Lots of new material should help keep your teaching fresh and inspired. 50+ hours of instruction.

Conflict Resolution Network Logo
The material is organized as follows:

I. Running CR Courses
II. Icebreakers and Energisers
III. Understanding Conflict

The Twelve Skills of Conflict Resolution
1. The Win/Win Approach
2. Creative Response
3. Empathy
4. Appropriate Assertiveness
5. Co-operative Power
6. Managing Emotions
7. Willingness to Resolve
8. Mapping the Conflict
9. Designing Options
10. Negotiation
11. Mediation
12. Broadening Perspectives

Additional Skills and Applications
IV. Aikido
V. Bioenergetics


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