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Wed, Jun 14, 2006

US & THEM: Moderating Group Conflict Manual

This 159-page manual entitled US & THEM (offered as a PDF) presents information and exercises for people wanting to host workshops on moderating group conflict. It was written by Stephen Dillon Fabick, Ed.D. based on a project by the Michigan Chapter of Psychologists for Social Responsibility.

The US & THEM program is designed to highlight the dynamics common to differences along many dimensions, e.g. race, class, culture, nationality, gender, etc. Such differences often become the focal point of group conflict. Participants increase their awareness of these common dynamics through a combination of learning about basic group conflict concepts and experiential learning through structured activities in the US & THEM workshop. Post-workshop dialogue groups and collaborative action reinforce this awareness.

Included is a sample talk with overheads and a series of exercises as listed below. Also included is a participant booklet to be reproduced for each workshop participant.

- Diversity Quotient (Self-Awareness)
- Attitudes (Self-Awareness)
- Who Said It? (Self-Awareness)
> Role Reversal (Other-Awareness and Bridge)
> Fate (Self- and Other-Awareness)
> US & THEM in the Media (Self-Awareness)
> Adjectives (Self- and Other-Awareness)
> Guided Fantasy (Other-Awareness and Bridge)
> My Group Identity (Self-Awareness)
- Prejudice (Self-Awareness)
- Prejudging (Self-Awareness)
- The Changing Face of US & THEM (Self-Awareness)
- Values (Self-Awareness)
- Stereotypes (Self-Awareness)
- Cultures (Self-Awareness)
- Privilege (Self- and Other-Awareness)
- Appreciation (Self-Awareness
- Coalition Building (Bridge)
- Relationship (Bridge)
- Dialogue (Bridge)
- Heterosexuality Questionnaire (Self-Awareness for Heterosexuals)
- Out of the Closet (Other-Awareness for Heterosexuals; Self-Awareness for Homosexuals and Bisexuals)
- Hurdles (Other-Awareness for Heterosexuals; Self-Awareness for Homosexuals and Bisexuals)
- Differences (Other-Awareness and Bridge)
- Speaking Up (Self-Awareness; Action)
- Arm Wrestling (Bridge)



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