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Sun, May 14, 2006

Collaborative Decision Making Activity: NASA’s Deep Impact Mission

Deep Impact Team Meeting This Collaborative Decision Making learning module from NASA is designed to engage students in grades 7-12 in activities that focus on collaboration and communication strategies. It focuses on the early stages of a NASA mission, in this case the Deep Impact Mission exploring beneath the surface of a Comet.

The activities are designed to strengthen student understanding of and ability to use collaborative processes and communication practices to clarify, conceptualize, and make decisions. Students compare the risks of varying courses of action that confront scientists and engineers. After the risks are identified, they gather and convey evidence supporting and refuting the viability of these actions, and reach consensus. The module strategies rely primarily on student investigation into the background information that is necessary to support arguments; make quantitative risk analyses; engage in debate, role-playing, and persuasive writing/communication processes; and practice group decision-making procedures.

The Module Planning Guide provides a quick overview of the overall process. The full version of the package (1.2 mb pdf) can be downloaded here. Collaborative Decision Making: NASA’s Deep Impact Mission was developed by educators at Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning.


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