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Fri, Apr 28, 2006

Direct Action - Video Exploring Activist Protest of Iraq War

This 17-minute video, written and directed by Colin Murray and available via Google video, explores the world of social protest activists. (Note: language not work-safe or family friendly.) Direct Action takes place in San Francisco at the outbreak of the Iraq war. A group of activist students gather in a classroom to plan a last-ditch response to the Bush Administration’s unpopular military invasion. Conflict arises as the students realize that while their enemy may be the same, they each embody a slightly different set of ideals, reflecting each of their political, racial, sexual and socio-economic realities. In the second act, these differences are mediated through dialogue. By the end of the film, ideals break down and come full circle. Conflict is not resolved in a traditional Hollywood fashion, but instead amplified by the multiple and diverse subject positions of the characters. This film is crosscut with real documentary footage.
Writer / Director: Colin Murray
Assistant Director: Jose Hernandez



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