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Sat, Apr 15, 2006

You Draw Straws - Online Group Decision-making Tool

You Draw Straws in an online tool designed to help groups make a selection from a number of choices. You can use the tool when the whole group is assembled in front of a computer, or you can work at a distance utilizing email as part of the process. You create one or more categories (movies, place for dinner, day for meeting) and group members list items in that category that would work for them. Then the application picks an item, adding more weight to items that more than one person submitted. You can use the service at no cost at the site, or you can license it for use on your own website. The folks at Global Arbitration Mediation Association, Inc., for instance, are using a version to help parties choose an arbitrator or mediator.

You Draw Straws


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2006 04 15 | Filed under Conflict Resolution  

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