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Wed, Apr 12, 2006

Virtual Peer Mediation using Second Life

High School Teacher Peggy Ward and colleague Jennifer Nieto, students in a San Diego State University course entitled Exploratory Learning Through Simulation and Games (Edtec 670), have developed a Virtual Peer Mediation Training Simulation running within the online world known as Second Life. The simulation is designed to support and enhance the training received by high school peer mediators. The Edtec 670 course is taught by WebQuest developer Bernie Dodge, so creativity is the clearly the norm for this group. The collage below provides a sense of some of what is involved. A full description of the student’s work developing the simulation is provided by Ward and Nieto here. Nice work team! Even more exciting would be to see what teen Second Lifers could do taking the basic framework and coding in their own enhancements.



Posted by: Bill Warters on 2006 04 12 | Filed under Conflict Resolution  

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