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Tue, Apr 11, 2006

M.O.V.E. (Mind Over Violence Everywhere) Curriculum Package

MOVE cover M.O.V.E. (Mind Over Violence Everywhere) is a series of youth-directed workshops developed by the Canadian Public Health Association that uses art, improvisational theatre, sports, music and group work to deal with themes of violence prevention. Participants develop skills in critical thinking, communication, and peer mediation. Using a variety of engaging techniques and a nicely illustrated training manual, the program stresses rights and responsibilities, assertiveness training, and community relations. The materials are available in English and French, both on the web in html format and as a downloadable PDF.

The materials are arranged into 5 modules (Learning and Thinking Styles; Communicating, Rights and Responsibilities; Peer Mediation; Resisting Peer Pressure; Social Action) each covered over the course of two days.

The variety of exercises and approaches is impressive. One exercise that may be familiar to conflict resolution instructors, for instance, is Win as Much as You Can that explores pressures toward competition even when cooperation makes more sense.

Communication Skills


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