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Mon, Apr 10, 2006

The Knowledgeable Negotiator Test

The Consensus Building Institute, a group focused on public policy and environmental conflict management, invites visitors to take the Knowledgeable Negotiator Test. Take the short 10-item test and see how your knowledge matches up with that of experienced dispute intervenors. You can check your results immediately and get feedback with the answers. As explained at the site, “This test will help you gauge your theoretical grasp of the mutual gains approach to negotiation. This is the so-called ‘win-win’ approach that has emerged over the past twenty-five years and is now taught in all the best colleges and universities. Knowledge of basic theoretical concepts is an absolutely essential step toward achieving excellence in practice. However, knowledge alone, without practice or guidance, is no guarantee of good results.”

While you are there, you might be interested in these items (linked off of the research page) as well:

- Consensus Building Essential Steps diagram. (PDF)

- The Mutual Gains Approach to Negotiation diagram. (PDF)

- How to Conduct a Stakeholder Assessment diagram. (PDF)


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