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Mon, Mar 20, 2006

Addressing the Slippery Creek Toxic Waste Problem - a General Environmental Dispute Simulation

The Environmental Framing Consortium site provides two online simulations focused on understanding and working with multiparty conflicts on environmental issues. The simpler of the two is a three party dispute simulation over a toxic waste situation that has environmental racism overtones. The roles available to participants are as follows:
Maria Sanchez - a Latina resident of Slippery Creek (a neighborhood outside of Silver Cliff). Maria distrusts government and believes her community is a victim of discrimination and environmental racism.
Pascal Raffia - A mediator.
Ben Cartwright - Chair of the Silver County Chamber of Commerce, regional economist, member of the Forest Management Planning Team, and dedicated to attracting business to the region and diversifying the local economy.

The simulation involves reading an overview of the issues in dispute in Silver County, and then working your way through a guided consideration of your options and choices in an attempted negotiation of the issue. The simulation was designed and created bt Cate Malek, Heidi Burgess, and Guy Burgess from the University of Colorado Conflict Research Consortium. It is based on the Silver County Story, a more complex conflict simulation involving more issues.


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2006 03 20 | Filed under Conflict Resolution  

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