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Thu, Feb 09, 2006

ConflictAware Vertical Search Tool

As search engine providers like Google and Yahoo continue to develop and refine wide searches covering the whole of the internet, competitors are working to create specialized niches, known in the jargon as vertical markets that go deeply into just one segment of the information space. While specialized search portals are nothing new (see for instance my Campus Mediation search portal built using the free PicoSearch service), the technology is getting more advanced and the indexes are getting bigger.

image An active player in the field since 2004 is called DeepVertical. Of special interest here is news that they have just released a new search portal known as ConflictAware. The portal searches a collection of links specializing in conflict topics (most noteable are the numerous results from as well as the broader web and news services, and then clusters the results (using Vivisimo search clustering technology) in various ways to help you browse more easily and more specifically. DeepVertical apparently partnered with the Alliance for Conflict Transformation to develop the initial set of specialized conflict-related links as well as adding their own collection based on refining of prior search results.  (Note that Mac users may experience problems using the Safari browser. Try Firefox instead.)

In addition to the specific targetted links, broad WEB sources searched live include the indexes from Looksmart, Lycos, MSN, Overture and Wisenut, while NEWS sources searched include the BBC News, CNN, New York Times, Reuters, USA Today, the Washington Post and Yahoo News.

In addition to ConflictAware, readers might be interested in several other vertical searches hosted by DeepVertical. These include RightsAware (focusing on human rights info), LawSuitBot (focusing on law suit information with the regrettable slogan “Sue the pants off your Adversaries”), and SpecialEdAware (focusing on Special Education information).


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