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Wed, Oct 26, 2005

Waging Peace: Practical Approaches to a Violent World

image Stanford University’s Aurora Forum hosted a summer symposium entitled Waging Peace: Practical Approaches to a Violent World. Audio clips of the speakers are available via the website and also free from the iTunes Music store (which will open with this next link if you have iTunes installed) in the Stanford University podcasts section. Presenters and topics included:

James Gilligan - “Preconditions for a Peaceful World”  via real audio
Michael Nagler - “Saving the World, One Thought at a Time” via real audio
Frances Moore Lappe - “Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear” via real audio
Arun Gandhi - “My Education in the Path of Nonviolence” via real audio


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2005 10 26 | Filed under Podcast  

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