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Tue, Aug 12, 2003

Google adds Email News Alerts

Google has added a new feature that allows you to do an advanced search on their news and then have matching results emailed to you daily or as news breaks. The Google News Alerts tool is in beta at 

The advanced search page on Google News provides a number of ways to fine tune a search to eliminate unwanted results. You can incorporate these techniques in your Google news alert settings by selecting the conditions you want on the Google News advanced search page, then clicking the “Google Search” button. When the results page appears, copy the text that appears in the search box on that page and paste it into the box on the Google News Alerts home page labeled “News search.”

I’m currently using the following (without quotes) for one of my alerts, and it has proved an interesting way to monitor campus conflict news. My search terms “campus conflict OR dispute OR mediation OR conciliation location:usa”

Check it out…


Posted by: Bill Warters on 2003 08 12 | Filed under Research Tools  

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