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Thu, Sep 15, 2016

Online Peer Mediation Project

The Online Peer Mediation Platform (OPMP) is a project sponsored by the JAMS Foundation, currently managed by the National Association of Peer Program Professionals and previously managed by the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Education, Research and Training Section.

The project seeks to train and support middle and high school (and now some college-age) peer mediators who want to work in an online environment using video chat platforms to resolve conflict. Students get to practice mediation skills and over time the project intends to offer services to schools that don’t have their own in-house peer mediation team, or those who would prefer an outside mediator for certain cases.

Noteable Resources
The Project has collected a nice and growing set of peer mediation tools and curriculum resources. Check the Resources Menu on the OPMP site for their collection of standards, useful links, research on peer mediation effectiveness, policies and laws, resources (e.g. curricula and videos). Also of interest are several video recordings of simulated online peer mediation sessions.

An article by project partner Judy Tindall provides more background on the program and it’s progress as of early 2016.


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Tue, Sep 13, 2016

Ukrainian Dialogue Support Platform

The European Forum for International Mediation and Dialogue as developed an interesting project using technology to support the work of face-to-face dialogue facilitators working in the Ukraine. The project is online at  Here’s a description of the initiative from the developers:

The Ukraine Dialogue Support Platform is an online and in-country platform that helps Ukrainian dialogue actors connect with each other, understand their needs, and communicate with national actors and the international community, utilising interactive, modern dialogue technologies.

Our goal is to generate positive thinking to help transform the conflict that has affected Ukraine since 2013, utilising modern technologies and dialogue expertise. We connect Ukrainian dialogue experts with people at all levels of society, allowing for horizontal dialogue, and fostering exchange with the policy level and the international community. Ultimately, the platform helps define options for regional engagement, reform, and a way forward. We do this through an in-country project that supports
local dialogue efforts and an online platform that allows us to map, analyse and present the results of these efforts and expand their reach.


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Conflict Resolution and Classroom Teaching Module from Pan Africa Collection

The OpenLearnWorks project in the UK hosts a wide variety of open educational resources and supports groups that want to build new content or remix older materials. I was interested to see a learning module within the Life Skills category on “Ways to Manage Conflict” developed by TESSA, a Pan-African working group. This module seeks to address “How can you manage conflict in your classroom and help pupils to manage disagreements?” and it is available for download and reuse in a really wide range of formats.


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