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Thu, Aug 13, 2015

School Tools Conflict Resolution Education site

California’s Western Justice Center (WJC) has released a great new resource for conflict resolution educators. The project is called Haven School Tools and it is available online at no charge at The site, developed in partnership with the skilled actors of Encompass, is an extension of the ground-breaking Haven Social Network WJC developed for high school students working on making their schools safe and comfortable places to be and learn.

Here’s the description of the School Tools conflict resolution curriculum provided:

Haven School Tools is a resource website for educators interested in accessing quality materials on conflict resolution in order to enrich their students’, as well as their own, knowledge and skill base. The tools presented are useful for resolving conflicts in the school setting, as well as throughout people’s daily lives. Teachers can access full conflict resolution lessons for their classes/clubs and also find first-rate resources on a variety of topics, including effectiveness of conflict resolution education, building support in their schools, and implementation of programs. The site content is enhanced with original videos created by and for Haven for a more rich and interactive learning experience.

The curriculum is organized into eight levels and appears to be most appropriate for middle and high school classrooms. The individual levels are meant to be presented in order but can be taken à la carte with the teacher’s discretion. Instructions include printable PDF handouts and worksheets to distribute to students. The levels are as follows:

Level I: Analyzing Conflict
Level II: Self Awareness
Level III: Underlying Needs
Level IV: Emotions, Regulation Strategies
Level V: Approaches to Conflict
Level VI: Communication Skills
Level VII: Negotiation
Level VIII: Power

It is really great to see such generous sharing of quality educational resources dedicated to conflict resolution. Way to go, WJC!


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