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Thu, Jan 10, 2013

Turning the Tide Curriculum on Nonviolence

The Turning the Tide Curriculum: A Core Collection Of Material On Nonviolence was developed by a group of British Quakers based on years of experience teaching about nonviolence. Turning the Tide (TTT) is a program of the Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW). QPSW works with and on behalf of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain to translate Quaker faith into action. They work with Quakers and nonviolent activist groups to advance the understanding of active nonviolence and its use for positive social change.

The curriculum material is divided into sections.

- Theology, Philosophy and Core Principles of Nonviolence
- History of Nonviolent Campaigns and Movements
- Contemporary Nonviolent Campaigns
- Theory and Strategy: How, why and when nonviolence works
- Doing it! Developing and applying our technology of peace

You can get the entire curriculum in one file, or just grab the section you are interested in from the curriculum resources page. If you are looking for training activity handouts, go to the Training Manual Page and use the menus on the left-hand side of the page to find lots of activities.


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