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Thu, Oct 11, 2012

eMediation Student Competition set for Cyberweek 2012

An eMediation competition will be held during Cyberweek 2012, coordinated by Cornell University’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution, in conjunction with Modria Mediation Room. This opportunity will allow students to practice using the online dispute resolution platform Modria as they participate in simulated mediations. Students will need to register for this event (separately from Cyberweek) at this web address

Here’s a pdf flyer with more details: eMediation Competition Flyer


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Wed, Oct 10, 2012

Video - Restorative Justice at Michigan State

Restorative Practices are spreading through higher education in many interesting ways these days. This video explains how Restorative Justice is being applied at Michigan State University. As the video description explains:

“In the fall of 2010, the Restorative Justice committee worked hard to implement RJ throughout Residence Life, Student Life, and introduce it to incoming students on campus as a positive conflict resolution method. Though RJ has been around longer than just a semester, this year marks a new commitment to the power of RJ through circles and conferences. All of MSU’s senior Residence Life staff and a large portion of the undergraduate staff have been trained in either RJ Circles or RJ Conferences. Furthermore, the Department of Student Life has been able to offer RJ as a solution to conflicts when student enter into the adjudication process on campus. We hope to have many opportunities to demonstrate our work and, combined with ongoing assessment, should see the positive changes of restorative justice in conflict resolution.”

More information on the Michigan State Initiative is available here.




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Mon, Oct 08, 2012

The Possibility of Popular Justice book viewable online via HathiTrust

I was browsing the HathiTrust Mobile Digital Library this evening for the first time. These are books that were scanned and digitized by the Google Books project. I was excited to see that the excellent edited volume on community mediation and the community boards model entitled The Possibility of Popular Justice: A Case Study of Community Mediation in the United States is available in full view mode. Definitely worth reviewing if you are a fan of community mediation and the history of alternative dispute resolution more generally.


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Timeline of Online Dispute Resolution key events

Here’s an interactive timeline I made that chronicles the history of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) as a field of practice. A video of the same data was presented at Cyberweek 2010, so it may look familiar to some folks.


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