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Wed, Sep 26, 2012

Free Spanish Language Peer Mediation Manual and Training Video

The New York City-based Washington Heights-Inwood Coalition received a JAMS Foundation grant to develop a Spanish language school peer mediation manual and video of a simulated peer mediation session in Spanish, to be use nationally for those programs who may find it useful. These materials are now available for free from their website. The manual, entitled Manual de Mediación Escolar - Entrenamiento Integrado Para Estudiantes De Escuelas Secundarias is 152-pages long, and the video runs a little over 20 minutes.


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Sat, Sep 22, 2012

Certification for Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners

The Board of Certification for Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners (Board of Certification) was established in 2009 for the purpose of awarding the Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner or CO-OP credential.

The Board of Certification, a division of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA), manages all matters related to certification and recertification through its Board of Directors, committees and task forces. Its purpose is to promote, examine and maintain standards for the advancement of organizational ombudsmanry. It does so by identifying—for organizational ombudsman practitioners, their organizations, and the public—those organizational ombudsmen who have voluntarily sought and obtained certification.

The next CO-OP Certification Examination will offered between Thursday, November 1 and Friday, November 9, 2012.  The computer-based testing will be offered at a range of testing centers at a date and time within the testing period selected by the examination registrant. Registrations for this examination will be accepted between Monday, September 17 and Friday, October 26, 2012.


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Fri, Sep 21, 2012

Parents of the Field - Conflict Studies Video Interview Series

Between 2002 and 2007 Dr. Jannie Botes and Dr. Christopher Mitchell organized video-taped interviews with key people in the peace and conflict studies field. With support from a small Hewlett grant they managed to conduct more than 40 interviews, many of which are now viewable online, with transcripts.

Interviewees include Chadwick Alger, Elise Boulding, John Burton, Morton Deutsch, Roger Fisher, Johan Galtung, Herbert Kelman, Betty Reardon, Gene Sharp, J. David Singer, Paul Wahrhaftig and others. More information on the project and links to view the videos is found on the Parents of the Field homepage at George Mason University’s S-CAR.


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Thu, Sep 20, 2012

Conflict Resolution in Academic Departments - Webinar archive

This webinar, sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) in 2011, features Sandra Cheldelin from George Mason University. Dr. Cheldelin is co-author with Ann Lucas of The Jossey-Bass Academic Administrator’s Guide to Conflict Resolution. Here’s a link to the webinar on It should also appear below in modern browsers.


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Wed, Sep 19, 2012

Search TV News via the Internet Archive

A new tool from the Internet Archive lets users search the closed caption text from more than 350,000 news broadcasts and then browse video clips from the found results. Pretty amazing stuff. What’s even more exciting is that new content is added within 24 hours of broadcast, letting users follow the current political season in a new way.

Here’s a link to a sample simple search on cyberbullying. You can narrow the search to specific broadcasters if you like. Comedy Central, Fox News, PBS and MSNBC are just a few of the choices available.

Way to go Internet Archive!


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Sun, Sep 16, 2012

Slides and Resources from ACR 2012 Cyberbullying Workshop

Priscilla Prutzman from Creative Response to Conflict and I presented our workshop on Cyberbullying and Homophobia at the Association for Conflict Resolution annual conference in New Orleans on September 13, 2012. Our slides from the session can be downloaded here (a 6 mb pdf). The resource site I built for it is available over at at


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Sat, Sep 08, 2012

Visualizing ADR/ODR call for submissions

ADR word cloud
Wanted: ODR/ADR-related Infographics, Mindmaps, Illustrated Terms of Art or other Creative Visualizations for display during Cyberweek 2012

Submission Deadline: October 26, 2012

Submission Procedure: Send contributions to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with â??Visualizing ADR/ODRâ? in the subject line

Copy of call: Visualizing_ADR-ODR_Call.pdf

ODR Cyberweek 2012, a free online event exploring the application of dispute resolution techniques in online environments, will be held Monday October 29 - Friday November 2, 2012 at

This year, one strand of the conference will focus on the use of information visualization techniques to help build understanding of ADR/ODR core concepts and promote social engagement with ADR/ODR tools and techniques.  Also of interest is the use of visualization techniques in the waging of social conflict, for instance in social change and human rights campaigns, as exemplified at Finally, we are interested in examples of the use of visualizations when working with parties engaged in complex conflicts as a way to help them move closer to agreement or conflict resolution.

Students and faculty in ADR courses or training programs as well as ADR/ODR practitioners are invited to submit creative visualizations of ADR/ODR core concepts or infoActivism campaign designs for display in an online gallery that will be highlighted during the Cyberweek conference. We are seeking infographics, mindmaps, illustrated quotes, visually interesting explanations of ADR terms, annotated videos and any other brief creative animations or data visualizations of topics related to our theme.  ADR-related terms for possible illustration can be found at or other locations.  Illustrations of terms of art unique to online dispute resolution would be especially welcomed.

Creative Tools: A wealth of free online tools are now available to help in the creation of infographics and other creative media. We recommend, for instance or or or for infographics, and or or for creative presentation platforms, and for data visualizations.

Submissions for the Visualizing ADR/ODR Cyberweek gallery should be emailed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) by Friday October 26th for inclusion prior to the opening of the Cyberweek conference. The format can be a pdf or image file or information on where to find embed codes for use within the online gallery. If you are part of a whole class of students that may contribute, letting Bill know in advance will be useful, as will grouping all the submissions in one email. Late submissions will still be accepted throughout the week for people inspired to contribute. While we don’t yet have any prizes to award (it could happen!), forum contributors will surely be appreciated for their creativity, courageousness and community spirit and the discussion and learning and portfolio development that ensues will benefit us all.

Registration for the free Cyberweek 2012 online conference is open. You may register at  Once registered, you will begin to receive more information as the schedule of events is finalized.


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Fri, Sep 07, 2012

Conflict Management Programs in Public Universities

The August/October 2011 (yes, I know I’m behind!) of the Dispute Resolution Journal featured an article by Sally Klingel and Michael Maffie from Cornell University entitled Conflict Management Systems in Higher Education: A Look at Mediation in Public Universities. The article explores the state of conflict management and dispute resolution systems across 45 state universities. The review finds that most state universities follow a formal grievance system to handle interpersonal disputes, with human resources (HR) departments most often (68% of the time) providing the base for this work, with 38% of this group also having the services of an ombuds office. More than half of the institutions (26) reviewed provided some form of mediation for interpersonal disputes, which can be through peer mediation or academic department-based alternative dispute resolution (ADR) system or some other interesting arrangement such as co-mediation with one mediator being a campus volunteer and the other being an off-campus professional mediator. As the authors note, there does not appear to be a cookie cutter design that has become the norm across campuses, but rather each program is tailored to the local culture and systems. The article, while brief, provides a nice summary of university workplace mediation in higher education circa 2011.


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