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Mon, Apr 25, 2011

Mediating University Workplace Disputes: ADR in Unionized Universities (video)

This 21-minute video, produced in 2001, introduces viewers to the use of mediation at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus, but it is useful as an exemplar of campus mediation more broadly. Narrated by David Chandler, the video follows a sample faculty/staff dispute through the process of mediation, starting with intake and then on to mediation. Various campus officials endorse the use of mediation on this unionized campus, explaining how mediation fits into the broader dispute resolution system. It was produced by the Program on Conflict Resolution at the University of Hawaii. At the time, a CD was produced that could be set via campus mail to people considering using the mediation service.



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Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Mediation Case Law Videos from Hamline Law School

Earlier we blogged about a database of mediation case law developed by James Coben and Peter Thompson at Hamline Law School. If you are interested in bringing this case law to life for your students, you’ll be interested a related video collection from the same source. For the past eight years, as part of the annual Minnesota State Bar Association ADR Institute, Hamline Professor James Coben has been producing short videos illustrating mediation litigation. On their website, you will find 42 of the videos, organized by type of disputed mediation issue. There is also a “Top Dozen” listing for quick access. For each video you click on, you will be directed to a short case summary and a windows wmv or quicktime video file.

The subject categories include:


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Mon, Apr 11, 2011

Video for Students on Approaching Faculty about Grade Disputes

The University of Minnesota Student Conflict Resolution Center has developed a short video entitled “Help! I’m Being Graded Unfairly” that provides two contrasting examples of a student approaching a faculty member when they disagree about the grade they got on a project. One approach works a lot better than the other…


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Sat, Apr 09, 2011

Audio Files from 2010 Australian National Mediation Conference

More than 50 sessions were recorded at the National Mediation Conference held in Adelaide, AU September 6-10 2010. This was the 10th annual mediation conference there and the wealth of experience is obvious in the session topics covered. The full list of audio files are available here.


A Sampling of Sessions (with links to the audio file in the session number)

Session 1: Benchmarking Mediation: Experienced Mediators Offer Advice About Overcoming Challenges Frequently Encountered in Mediation - Susan Raines, Kennesaw State University, USA

Session 18: Entering the surf: mediation in the shark-infested waters of organisations. David Bryson, David Bryson & Associates Pty Ltd

Session 22b: Mediation and negotiation across the fence: Aboriginal and non-indigenous mediation practice Craig Jones

Session 27: Sticks and stones will break my bones, and names will also hurt me: An exploratory study of managers accused of workplace bullying. Moira Jenkins ‘Aboto’, Psychology and Workplace Conflict Management

Session 32b: Navigating uncharted waters: culturally appropriate conflict resolution education with local co-trainers - Serge Loode, Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

Session 37c: Telephone Dispute Resolution Utilising Co-Mediation Tdr Co Waiting Waiting Waiting - Bias Bias Bias-Blame Blame Blame Complaints!!!. Jean-Marcel Elizer Malliat MDR;Naomi Holtring MDR InterMEDIATE Dispute Management

Session 38b: Workshop: Mediation and qualitative research interviewing - commonalities and differences. Patricia Marshall, MEL Conflict and Educational Consultancy


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Special Chemistry - Mediation Demonstration Video and Role Play Scripts

A mediation demonstration video (47 minutes long) and accompanying role play script and other sample documents is now available to educators provided appropriate attribution is provided (ACB Foundation, Toolkit Company, Manon Schonewille © 2009-10.  All rights reserved) and you let the developers know you are using it.

The mediation case, known as Special Chemistry, is based on a role play written by Manon Schonewille that served as a mediation problem in the 5th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition. The script for the video production was written by Hal Abramson (Touro Law School), Jeremy Lack (Altenburger) and Manon Schonewille. The case involves a cross-border (Canada and Germany) patent infringement dispute between two competitors acting in the specialty chemicals industry. Manon Schonewille serves as the mediator. Schonewille is Managing Director of ACB Mediation Corporate Conflict Management, based in The Hague, Netherlands.



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