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Thu, Dec 30, 2010

Archive of Conflict Resolution in Education Webinar

Here’s the link to the video archive of the webinar I presented on Conflict Resolution in Education. I posted details about this event earlier.


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Wed, Dec 29, 2010

Undergraduate Essay Contest - Conflict Resolution and Social Media

The University of Oregon’s Master’s Program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution hosts an annual undergraduate essay contest focused on conflict resolution. The competition, known as the Cheyney Ryan Peace and Conflict Studies Essay Contest, offers a prize of $500 to the top 3 submitted essays which will be published on their website, on and possibly elsewhere.


The deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2011. The essays have a maximum length of 2500 words. The 2010/2011 Essay Topic Essay Topic is as follows:

Social media, as the words say, are about relationship and communication. Facebook, Twitter, and the like provide a means of connection and interaction between individuals and among groups. Understanding how social media shape human interactions may provide insights into conflict and conflict resolution. This year’s Cheyney Ryan essay contest topic invites submissions that consider conflict and conflict resolution in the context of social media.

As you think through the topic, you can consider some of the following questions, or come up with other questions about the topic. How do the characteristics of social media influence the nature of communication and relationship among participants? What are the types of conflicts that arise in these communication contexts? Are they different in significant ways than the conflicts that arise in other social environments? What do these conflicts reveal about relationship and communication generally? Are there adjustments in the structure and use of social media that would improve them as settings for social interaction? How are social media used, or how might they be used, to facilitate the resolution of conflicts generated either within social media contexts or in other relationship settings? What other questions arise for you about the subject of social media and conflict and its resolution? Have you experienced conflict in the context of social media use and what is your assessment of that experience?

The full submission guidelines are posted here.


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Tue, Dec 28, 2010

Online Tools for Drafting Apology Letters

Ben Furman and Lorenn Walker combined their interests in solution-focused therapy and restorative practices to create an online tool that helps you draft an effective apology letter to someone you have hurt. It takes you though a series of steps where you type answers to prompts and at the end you have the text of a letter that you can then refine as needed prior to printing and sending or copying into an email.

In addition to creating an apology letter, the tools at [url=][/url] invite you to choose other options that are designed to help you forgive a person who has hurt you or overcome a past hurtful experience.


Ben also has a similar tool (strictly for apologies) that is designed for kids.


Both are simple but nicely done.


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Fri, Dec 24, 2010

The Peacemaker - New A&E Series on Mediating Gang Violence

A&E has debuted a new documentary series entitled The Peacemaker that focuses on the mediation of gang-related conflicts in Los Angeles. Produced by wrapper Ice-T, the 5-episode series that airs on Thursday evenings features Malik Spellman.

From the show description:

For the last 20 years Spellman has dedicated his life to ending gang violence, putting it all on the line to mediate truces between rival gangs in Los Angeles - adversaries sometimes separated by less than one city block. Whether he’s in his classroom teaching life skills to middle school students, or riding through South Central on his bicycle, Spellman stays true to his purpose: keeping kids safe, out of trouble, and free from violence. Each episode of THE PEACEMAKER executive produced by rapper and actor Ice-T, provides an unprecedented look at gang life, following Spellman as he coordinates and oversees tense moments of mediation between enemies with long histories of hate and violence.

Full episodes can be viewed online.


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Wed, Dec 15, 2010

Community Mediation Management manual and Mediation Guide for Neighbors from Scotland

imageThe Scottish Community Mediation Centre has developed a manual designed to support groups interested in starting up a community mediation center. While some of the materials are specific to Scotland, much is useful beyond the Scottish context.

The 28-page pdf Community Mediation Management Manual is divided into three sections:

Starting Up: The why, what, who, where, when and how of setting up a service.

Up and Running: The policies and procedures required to run an efficient service.

Keeping Running: Evaluating the continuing effectiveness and relevance of services.

Also of interest is the nicely illustrated guide to mediation services entitled Problems Next Door? Let Mediation Help to Build a Bridge. The 16-page pdf is designed to introduce community mediation and to answer questions potential users might have.



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Sat, Dec 11, 2010

ADRHub Webinar on Conflict Resolution and Education with Bill Warters

I’ll be presenting a free webinar December 21, 2010 at 5pm EST at the site. I’ll be speaking on the topic of Conflict Resolution in Educational Settings. It would be great to be able to chat with some of you, so please join in.

UPDATE: You can view the event archive here.
Session Description:
Conflict is a marvelous learning opportunity because it requires people to adjust their habitual ways of acting in response to the conflict they are encountering. In this session we will explore the various ways that educational institutions are working with and learning from conflict when it emerges. We’ll examine both K-12 and higher education environments with an aim to understand the different types of practice that are common. We’ll review some ways to access free teaching and learning materials tailored specifically to educational settings.

About the Presenter:
Bill Warters, Ph.D. is a faculty member in the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution Program offered by Wayne State University’s Department of Communication. He developed and manages the Conflict Resolution Education Connection ( and the Conflict Management in Higher Education Resource Center ( He is author of Mediation in the Campus Community: Designing and Managing Effective Programs published by Jossey Bass Press. Bill received the William J. Kreidler Award for distinguished service to the field from the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Education Section. The award is named after the late teacher, author, trainer, and Quaker, William J. Kriedler, whose conflict resolution curriculum materials were in use in more than 50,000 classrooms by the time of his passing in 2000.


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Thu, Dec 09, 2010

Sports Mediation Game from ZapDramatic

Another wacky flash-based game from ZapDramatic can be found on the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada website. This game focuses on mediation. The setting is a mediation between an athlete and a sporting association that has sanctioned him for vulgar language during public events. You try different responses and the narrative goes in different directions depending on the parties reactions to your choice. I can’t say I always agreed with the “winning” choice, or that I fully understood why the bad choices were inappropriate. Despite the gray areas, it is fun to play in an ironic kind of way and does raise interesting points with regard to the mediation experience.



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Mon, Dec 06, 2010

Video of Colin Rule Lecture at WSU

Topic: “Making Peace Online: Dispute Resolution & the Future of the Internet”
Date: Thursday, October 28, 2010
Location: Spencer Partrich Auditorium, Law School Wayne State University
Speaker: Colin Rule - Director of Online Dispute Resolution for eBay and PayPal
Description: eBay and PayPal generate more than 60 million disputes a year, in more than a dozen languages. That’s a lot of disputes. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg in the total number of online issues that need resolution. Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer eCommerce is growing rapidly, which in turn is generating many millions of online disputes. Most of these disputes are not over very large amounts of money; they can be for as little as $5. But online disputants are just as passionate about their disagreements as face-to-face disputants, and because they are spread all over the world, their disputes can involve cultural misunderstandings, language barriers, and class differences. Colin Rule, eBay and PayPal’s first Director of Online Dispute Resolution, and author of Online Dispute Resolution for Business, discusses the challenges of resolving disputes in cyberspace and what useful lessons can be drawn for the practice of dispute resolution more broadly.



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Sun, Dec 05, 2010

Inside the Haiti Earthquake - a Story-based Simulation

The Canadian firm PTV productions and flash animator Michael Gibson of ZapDramatic games have teamed up to create an immersive learning module exploring crisis response choices and journalistic ethics using sometimes graphic footage from the Haiti earthquake. Inside the Haiti Earthquake invites you to experience the days following the earthquake from the point of view of a survivor, a journalist and an aid worker. In all situations you are faced with tough decisions that influence how the rest of the story unfolds. It is best experienced full-screen with your sound turned on.

The dramatic footage used in the simulation is from a documentary directed by Nadine Pequeneza entitled Inside Disaster that followed the Red Cross for two weeks as they responded to the Haiti crisis.



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Sat, Dec 04, 2010

Bullying explored in the latest Journal of the International Ombudsman Association

The latest issue (Vol 3, No. 2) of the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association features a great set of articles addressing bullying and incivility in higher education and other organizational workplaces. The journal is available online as a pdf.

IOA Journal cover Here’s the table of contents.

Editorial: Bullying—What Can Ombudsmen Do? by David Miller

Some Things You Need to Know but May Have Been Afraid to Ask: A Researcher Speaks to Ombudsmen about Workplace Bullying by Loraleigh Keashly

Cases Involving Allegations of Workplace Bullying: Threats to Ombuds Neutrality and Other Challenges by Tom Sebok and Mary Chavez Rudolph

Tackling Systemic Incivility Problems: The Ombudsman as Change Agent by Jan Morse

Dealing with Bullying Behaviours in the Workplace: What Works—A Practitioner?s View by Barbara McCulloch

Bullying: A View from the Corporate World by Mim Gaetano

Experience From Japan by Noriko Tada

The Several Purposes of the OO Crystal Ball by Mary Rowe

The Importance of Relationships for Ombudpersons by Tim Griffin

The Organizational Ombudsman as Change Agent for Organizational and Social Capital by Brian Bloch And Nancy Erbe

I Was Just Thinking: Some Thoughts on Bullying in International Organizations by James Lee

Some Considerations for Ombuds Dealing with Allegations of Bullying by Marsha L. Wagner

Recent Developments: A Legal Perspective by Tom A. Kosakowski


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Wed, Dec 01, 2010

William Ury TedX Talk: The walk from “no” to “yes”

This 18+minute presentation by William Ury, co-author of Getting to Yes and The Third Side, provides a nice introduction to our ability to play a constructive role in conflict - being the third side.


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