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Thu, Sep 30, 2010

Conflict Prevention in the Multimedia Age - Report from the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2009

This July 2009 report from the second Global Media Forum hosted by Deutsche Welle brought together 1,200 participants from approximately 100 countries to the World Conference Center in Bonn. Representatives from the media, politics, business, and academia focused on x93Conflict Prevention in the Multi-media Age.x94 More than 50 sessions sought to answer the question “can the latest and most advanced communication technologies help to improve peace keeping and conflict prevention activities?” In addition to the keynotes given by Soon-Hong Choi, Assistant Secretary-General, Chief Information Technology Officer, United Nations and Howard Rheingold - Expert on Web-based Communities, workshops in the following tracks are summarized:
- Workshops on media freedom, transparency, democracy
- Workshops on media in Africa
- Workshops on technology/Internet
- Workshops on media traning, development, and production
- Symposium Re-Inventing journalism? Journalistic training in the social media age

The 285-page publication can be viewed online in a flash viewer and downloaded as a pdf if you create a login to the Issuu site where the document is hosted.



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Sun, Sep 19, 2010

URI Toolkit: Responses to Hostility Against Faith Communities

The United Religions Initiative (URI) has prepared a set of materials that are designed to help groups and individuals counter hostility against faith communities, and in particular address Islamophobia. You can get a copy here. The 20-page pdf includes ideas for individuals, faith groups and sample media resources.



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Fri, Sep 17, 2010

Campus Restorative Justice Training Materials

David Karp, editor of a book on Restorative Justice on the College Campus that I’m pleased to say I have a chapter in, has made available some of his campus restorative justice training materials. Included at the Skidmore College site is a sample training agenda, a facilitatorx92s script, 5 role plays, and illustrative film clips.  Thanks David!

Skidmore RJ Logo


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Mon, Sep 13, 2010

Registration Open for Eighth Biennial Conference for Graduate Students Studying Conflict

Registration is open for the exciting conference and networking event held every other year at UMass Boston. The event, known as CONFLICT STUDIES: The New Generation of Ideas will occur October 22-23 in Boston. Get the details here.

UMass Conference Announcement


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Sat, Sep 11, 2010

Women in Peacebuilding - Resource and Training Manual

This rich 200-page resource manual on Women and Peacebuilding was developed by Lisa Schirch, an Associate Professor at Eastern Mennonite University’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. Developed between 2001 and 2004, the manual incorporates contributions from many groups and the learnings editor Lisa Schirch gleaned during her Fullbright Fellowship Year in Africa. Here’s a clip from the introduction that gives a good idea of what is included:

cover The fields of development and health began using workshops to empower women in the last two decades. In the last few years, dozens of training programs for women in peacebuilding have also begun. This training manual is a resource for all trainers, womenx92s organizations, peacebuilding organizations, and others who want to build the capacity of women for peacebuilding. It pulls together the most advanced theories and skills of peacebuilding with an interactive and experiential based pedagogy.

1. Introduction to Gender and Peacebuilding
—Session 1 Affirming Ourselves as Women
—Session 2 Peacebuilding Overview
—Session 3 Affirming Our Work, Visioning Our Future
—Session 4 Understanding Gender
2. Womenx92s Roles in Peacebuilding
—Session 5 Gender Roles and Peacebuilding
—Session 6 Why Involve Women in Peacebuilding?
—Session 7 Empowering Women in Peacebuilding
—Session 8 Womenx92s Rights as Human Rights
3. Gender Analysis of Conflict and Violence
—Session 9 Understanding Conflict and Violence
—Session 10 Causes of Conflict and Violence
—Session 11 Mapping Conflict and Violence
—Session 12 Dynamics of Conflict and Violence
—Session 13 Womenx92s Experience of Violence
—Session 14 Understanding Domestic Violence
—Session 15 Men, Masculinity, and Violence
4. Skills for Women in Peacebuilding
—Session 16 Personal Reflection and Conflict Styles
—Session 17 Women and Communication Skills
—Session 18 Women and Dialogue Skills
—Session 19 Women and Negotiation Skills
—Session 20 Women and Mediation Skills
5. Special Skills and Topics for Women in Peacebuilding
—Session 21 Womenx92s Advocacy and Activism
—Session 22 Womenx92s Early Warning and Response
—Session 23 Women and Peacekeeping
—Session 24 Women and Trauma Healing
—Session 25 Counseling Victims of Domestic Violence
—Session 26 Creating a Womenx92s Agenda for Formal Peace Talks
—Session 27 Using Ritual and Art in Peacebuilding
—Session 28 Women and Religion
—Session 29 Men as Partners in Womenx92s Empowerment
—Session 30 Women Working with Women in Peacebuilding
6. The Way Forward
—Session 31: Women and Leadership
—Session 32: Creating Action Plans
7. Training and Facilitating a Peacebuilding Workshop for Women
—Part A: Organizing a Peacebuilding Workshop for Women
—Part B: Designing a Training for Women
—Part C: Facilitation and Training Skills for Women
—Part D: Opening—Session for a Workshop or Training
—Appendix 1: Evaluations
—Appendix 2: A Dialogue on Gender for Peacebuilders
—Appendix 3: Gender Analysis in Peacebuilding Organizations
—Appendix 4: Resources


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