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Sun, Sep 27, 2009

International Conflict Resolution Day Events Listing

I’ve put together an online view of some of the international events scheduled for this year’s Conflict Resolution Day. Please note that it is not the most up-to-date version, which you can get from the main ACR CRDay page.  I used the Simile Exhibit code to build the display drawing from a Google Spreadsheet on the backend and I think it works pretty well to provide a sense of the broad scope of events that are happening this year.



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Service Civil International Work Camp Conflict Resolution Pack (and more)

Service Civil International (SCI) is a peace organisation that coordinates short and long term volunteering projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. It is one of the world’s largest international volunteering networks with almost ninety years of experience. Through volunteer exchanges, SCI helps break down barriers and prejudices between people of different social, cultural and national backgrounds.

SCI includes a focus on teaching conflict resolution as part of their core mission. A helpful pack of exercises used in their work camp settings is available here. It is part of a bigger set of downloadable materials (look for the resources link) made available on the Space for Peace resource site hosted by the group. I also liked the set of double sided scenario cards for use in workshops on conflict resolution and different points of view.



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Sat, Sep 26, 2009

Webinar with CR Game Developers on Oct 13th

Readers might be interested in an online session I’ll be hosting on October 13th (3 pm ET) entitled Conflict Resolution Educational Gaming: Behind the Scenes with Harmony Island and Cool School. As part of the Conflict Resolution Day festivities (or week in this case), I’ll be joined by gaming industry veteran FJ Lennon and developmental psychologist Melanie Killen (University of Maryland School of Education), both part of the team that developed Cool School: Where Peace Rules, and Richard Goldsworthy, Director of R&D for Academic Edge, Inc., developers of Harmony Island: A Tropical Adventure in Conflict Resolution. These games feature high quality animation and research-based learning scenarios designed to teach young people conflict resolution skills and knowledge. We’ll talk with the developers about some of the challenges and opportunities in the CR gaming field. As a special bonus, attendees to the webinar will be entered into a drawing to win free copies of the games.

You can reserve a spot at
Link to flyer for event.


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Mon, Sep 21, 2009

International Day of Peace - Sept 21

Globe - International Day of Peace September 21

The world is celebrating International Peace Day. You can watch a streaming broadcast celebrating the event at the International Day of Peace website.

People might also appreciate the new collection of Conflict Resolution Interactives (online games and puzzles) that I’ve pulled together in preparation for Conflict Resolution Day, coming up October 15, 2009.


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Sun, Sep 13, 2009

Conflict Resolution Interactives collection at

In preparation for Conflict Resolution Day (October 15th in 2009), Kathleen Doyle ( Program Manager) and I ( Developer and Webmaster) have put together a fun set of interactive games on the theme of conflict resolution and peace. We’ve got word searches, snakes and ladders, matching, Snakes Alive! and more. We also have video previews of two video games, copies of which we will be giving away to some lucky winners in a drawing on Conflict Resolution Day.  You’ll definitely want to check out Harmony Island (Grades 6-12) and Cool School (Grades K-3) to see if they might be of interest to your students or trainees. Stay tuned for more information on entering the drawing!


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The Catholic relief organization Caritas has developed a nice collection of training materials designed to support Peacebuilding activities. The Peacebuilding Web Toolkit for Trainers is organized into a set of Resource Kits comprised of sample activities and workshop agendas, as well as handouts and more organized modules covering key topics. The Resource Kits currently available include
Resource Kit on Negotiation
Resource Kit on Nonviolence
Resource Kit on Making Aid Build Peace (Integration)
The Kits provide a nice modular addition/alternative to the Caritas Peacebuilding Training Manual, also available online. Because the Kits have been built on a wiki, adding new kits and updating existing ones shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.



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Tue, Sep 08, 2009

Building Blocks of Peace Curriculum

image Developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace, keepers of the Global Peace Index, the Building Blocks of Peace is a 4-part series of downloadable teaching materials on issues surrounding global peace.

Available as separate modules or a combined curriculum, the teaching aids guide students to understand global peace and discover their own solutions to violence and conflict.

Unlike many traditional peace education materials, the modules go beyond conflict resolution to explore the broader meaning of global peace and its impact on our daily lives.

Module 1: An Understanding of Peace
Explore the factors that influence a countryx92s peacefulness and why peace is more than simply the absence of war.

Module 2: Peace and Sustainability
Understand the impact of peace on global sustainability through a focus on water access and management.

Module 3: Education and Peace
Investigate the important role education plays in supporting a countryx92s peacefulness.

Module 4: The Peace Industry
Examine the benefits of peace to business and the economy through an exploration of tourism and retail industries.


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