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Tue, Apr 28, 2009

Dispute Resolution Techniques and Environmental Justice

report cover Environmental Justice is a topic that is gaining increased attention of late as a new administration moves into office. Finding appropriate and effective ways to respond to industrial accidents and discoveries of contamination is never easy. Readers of this blog might be interested in this set of case studies exploring the use of dispute resolution approaches instead of or in addition to litigation found in a 2003 report entitled Using Dispute Resolution Techniques To Address Environmental Justice Concerns. The report was developed by the Consensus Building Institute and the Environmental Protection Agency Office of Environmental Justice. 


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Fri, Apr 24, 2009

Mediation - Six Ways Video Clips

Mediation: Six Ways in Seven Days is a book by Hans Boserup, a lawyer and mediator and trainer in Denmark. The book was written to support an advance seven day workshop that would explore 6 different varieties of mediation in some detail, acknowledging that mediation is now practiced with many different styles. Boserup covers Generic, Settlement-Driven, Cognitive-systemic, Transformative, Humanistic and Narrative models in his book, and he and his publisher have developed a website to accompany the publication. What is particularly interesting about the site (apparently a work still in progress) is that they have attempted to identify and post a wide ranging set of video clips that illustrate the various styles in action. The clips are taken from longer videos, some that I have seen before and some that I haven’t. Frankly, not all the clips playback properly (at least on my mac laptop), but most do, and when they work it provides an interesting look into various mediation approaches.

Mediation: Six Ways in Seven Days


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Sat, Apr 18, 2009

New View of Conflict Resolution Syllabi Collection

The project has hosted a collection of 82 syllabi of courses teaching conflict resolution for some time. Recently I developed an alternative “faceted browsing” view of the collection using the Exhibit code made available via MIT’s simile project and a Google spreadsheet of data on the collection. Here’s the results. You can quickly browse the collection by category or course title or instructor name.



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Sat, Apr 11, 2009

Great Peace March of History printable cards

The San Antonio peaceCENTER has developed a teaching tool called “The Great Peace March” which is an illustrated timeline of peace and justice history. It comes in a variety of formats that can be hung on the wall, projected on a screen or played as a bingo-type game. It begins with the first recorded practitioners of civil disobedience, Shiprah and Puah, the midwives who refused to kill the newborn male babies of the Hebrew women. (Exodus: 1-2, c. 1350 B.C.E.). You can download the cards as an illustrated color pdf (27 pages, 4 cards to a page) and print out your own set (they suggest using white cardstock).

Of related interest is a set of “morning meditation” cards from consisting of quotes and ideas that can be used for inspiration or discussion of peace and nonviolence issues. Get a printable copy here.

The illustrated peace and justice timeline is also available on CD, in Powerpoint and Microsoft Word format. This version consists of approximately 60 events selected from the timeline with color illustrations plus short biographies with photos of all Nobel Peace Prize recipients. Suitable for display. A $5 donation is requested to cover the cost of the disk and shipping. Contact the PeaceCenter for more information.

PO Box 36
127 McCullough at Ave. E
San Antonio, TX 78291
Phone: (210) 224-HOPE
FAX: 222-1097



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Mon, Apr 06, 2009

Open Access to Video Interviews w Mediators (for April 2009) at sells sets of DVDs featuring interviews with experienced mediators produced mainly in 2005 and 2006. During the month of April 2009, online access to the videos is being provided at no charge. Once at the Video Center be sure to check out the “Inside” and “Search” Tabs in the video player to see the full collection. The Video Center includes over 100 hour-long interviews with leading mediators as well as a variety of additional presentations. Note your ability to search video clips by topic or text.

Mediate dot com videoplayer


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Wed, Apr 01, 2009

Slideshow Summarizing Global Conflicts as of January 2009

With the help of journalists, graphic artists and experts, publisher Nordström & Frank has put together a compendium of all the world?s conflicts entitled The World’s Conflicts Focus that was updated in January of 2009. The Editorial Toolbox conflict edition designed to assist newspapers in improving visual storytelling includes country flags, maps and background facts on every conflict. A slideshow version that can be embedded in other sites is available via, as is a downloadable pdf of the 92-page presentation.


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