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Tue, Mar 31, 2009

Self-Help Information Resources for Campus Conflict Resolution

I wanted to point readers to two nice collections of resource materials that support constructive conflict resolution on college campuses. One is the set of Self-Help Reading Materials provided by the University of Colorado Ombuds Office. This list has been growing longer over the years and represents some very useful and well considered topics. The other collection is the Article/Chapter Summaries developed by the folks at the University of New Mexico Faculty Dispute Resolution Center. Have a look, I think you’ll find something of interest and utility at these two sites.


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Sat, Mar 21, 2009

SCRAM - Schools Conflict Resolution and Mediation mock mediation competition

SCRAM is an interactive role play competition developed in Western Australia for Year 9 & 10 high school students. The yearly event, sponsored by the Western Australia Dispute Resolution Association, works to facilitate the development of peaceful dispute resolution awareness and skills in secondary school communities. Student teams (6-10 students from each school) mediate simulated disputes across 4 rounds of competition (1 unscored and 3 scored), working toward a regional championship. Most schools keep the same students across all four rounds, but others rotate students in and out to let more students participate. The mock mediations are scored by volunteer adjudicators drawn from the local mediation community, and prizes are provided by various dispute resolution-related groups. The cases relate to students everyday lives and are intended to help them develop conflict resolution skills in the process. The project manual and various training scenarios are available online. A DVD and other resources are provided to help the schools train their students in preparation for the events.



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Wed, Mar 11, 2009

Deploying Sarcasm Against Digital Abuse: That’s Not

I recently came across this really interesting site dealing with violations of appropriate behavior in digital communication environments like mobile, IM and social networking. The site, called That’s Not Cool helps young people identify inappropriate behaviors with various video clips and skits and it provides CallOut Cards with a decidedly sarcastic tone that can be sent or posted in response to problematic behavior. Topics include textual harassment, privacy problems, pressure to share revealing pictures, constant messaging, cell phone problems, and rumor-spreading. The site also provides forums for discussing topics and a live chat tool for reaching out for help to the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline. Nicely done…



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Mon, Mar 09, 2009

Let’s Talk: a guide to resolving workplace conflicts

Let’s Talk: a guide to resolving workplace conflicts is a 34-page self-help style guide developed by the Alberta, Canada government to promote constructive resolution of workplace disputes. It explains the various approaches available for handling conflict, explores useful techniques for deescalating conflict and walks the reader through an Issue-Based Problem-Solving Method with checklists and tips along the way. The guide is sensitive to the issues of conflict arising within unionized workplaces, providing guidance here as well.



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Negotiation and mediation techniques for natural resource management

This nicely illustrated guide, available online and as a downloadable pdf in both English and French, was written by Antonia Engel and Benedikt Korf in 2005 for the Livelihood Support Programme of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The publication offers practical guidance on how to establish and manage a process of consensual negotiations involving multiple stakeholders in collaborative natural resource management and other livelihood projects. In particular, it focuses on conflict situations where a third party (mediator) is asked to assist in order that consensual negotiations can take place and work effectively. The core objectives include:
cover image
- explain how natural resource conflicts can affect (positively and negatively) collaborative natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods;

- introduce different conflict management approaches (e.g. customary, legal, alternative) to assist decision-making about which approach is most appropriate;

- introduce the principles of consensual negotiations as a methodology for dealing constructively with natural resource conflicts;

- outline the process and techniques for consensual negotiations;

- sensitize mediators about their roles and responsibilities as third parties in consensual negotiation.

The guide is arranged into 8 sections and three appendix, as noted below.

Section 1: An introduction to natural resource conflicts, collaborative management and sustainable livelihoods
Section 2: Managing conflict
Section 3: Process map for consensual negotiations
Section 4: Entry
Section 5: Analysing conflict
Section 6: Broadening stakeholder engagement
Section 7: Negotiations and building agreements
Section 8: Exit
Annex 1: Collaborative natural resource management
Annex 2: Field guide to conflict analysis
Annex 3: Case studies


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