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Sat, Jan 31, 2009

Marginalized Conflict Podcast Series

dove The Marginalized Conflict Podcast series was created by students in the Fall 2008 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies course at Colgate University. As part of this endeavor, students and faculty analyzed and then disseminated information about marginalized conflicts. By “marginalized” they mean conflicts left unaddressed - either in their class examinations or in the broader frame of existing historical knowledge. The group aims to shock, surprise, and provoke reflection through sharing the series. The 31 available episodes cover many different historical periods, focusing more on conflict and violence, and less on successful resolutions, calling attention to the costs of conflict and shedding light on cases that are not well known or well understood.


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Wed, Jan 28, 2009

Extending Mediation article re-posted as a “ThoughtMesh”

I took the time today to enter (and slightly update) an older piece I’ve written on Extending Campus Conflict Resolution Efforts Beyond the Mediation Table into the ThoughtMesh system. It seemed like a good piece to use to test the tagging and segmenting abilities of this interesting publishing platform. The tool is part of the Vectors Journal project that brings together writers and new media designers who create something new for display in the journal.

ThoughtMesh was “created as a collaboration between Jon Ippolito and Craig Dietrich, aiming to facilitate the intelligent parsing and tagging of the content of academic articles hosted either externally on the net at large or internally on the Thoughtmesh server. The system then generates connections via tag clouds of the contents of all articles tagged using Thoughtmesh protocols.” A quicktime movie demonstrating the tool in use is available to help people get started.

Article on ThoughtMesh
The ThoughtMesh system permits you to export your document and host it on your own webspace, so I’ve also posted a local copy, in a different style.


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Sun, Jan 18, 2009

The Dream Continued - Songs Inspired by MLK is a creative music project celebrating the spirit of Martin Luther King through music and raising money for non-profits that King would have been proud of. The project was started by Maya Armstrong, who happens to be the daughter of my OTL colleague Anne-Marie Armstrong, on MLK Day in 2008. While listening to a recently discovered sermon of Dr. King?s Maya decided to write a song celebrating King’s voice and vision and to put out a call to other musicians. The result a year later is really exciting. There are now free downloads of 30 truly inspiring songs that are also available for purchase on two CDs entitled DREAM ON! (folk-Americana-indie rock styles on one disc and R&B, jazz, world, gospel on the other). Listeners are invited to donate to a number of good causes and to send pictures of themselves flashing their peace sign. Here’s more description of the project from the site:

Our vision can be summarized by two quotes of Dr. King’s:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

“Hate cannot drive out hate: Only love can do that.”

These two quotes encompass much of Dr. King’s message. The first addresses the what: the importance of recognizing and standing up to injustices in society, and the second implies the how: to effect true and lasting change, we must first begin with our own hearts.

Furthermore, we recognize that Dr. King’s dream neither began nor ended with him. It is our intention to help build a community that tolerates neither racism nor any other divisive “ism” and that continues to actively work toward a positive, peaceful future.

The overall message conveyed by the songs in the Dream On! compilation is positive and uplifting yet thought-provoking. It is at once a celebration of the progress we’ve made and a challenge to recognize and stand up to continuing injustices in our society and in the world at large.



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Sat, Jan 10, 2009

Designing Conflict Management Systems in Public Sector Organizations

Pathways to a Conflict Competent Organization: Designing Conflict Management Systems in Public Sector Organizations is an impressive dispute systems design guide written by Peter Sterne based on his experiences developing a program for the Department of National Defense/Canadian Forces. The DND/CF program is used as a case study and model throughout the 229-page guidebook. The guide traces the steps required for instituting a Conflict Management System (CMS), from genesis to full realization. Each chapter deals with a key CMS design element and is usually broken down into three basic components:  concepts; experience/application; and  key learnings. The guide includes a second section called the Toolkit which includes documents and forms that have been used successfully in the implementation of CMSs. The guide was published in 2004 by the Canadian Department of National Defense. It is available for browsing or download via the online document service Scribd.



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